Bringing PAM Systems & Sportsbook Solutions Together: A Recipe For Success | Altenar & You

Bringing PAM Systems & Sportsbook Solutions Together: A Recipe For Success | Altenar & You

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As the 2023 GAT expo comes ever-closer to opening its doors once again, Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is taking a look at the benefits of PAM systems with integrated Sportsbook solutions in the online betting space, and how the two together with Altenar’s award-winning solution, offer betting excellence to the diverse Latin American markets and its operators. 

As an operator looking to start their online sports betting business, it’s important to understand the roles that PAM and sportsbook solutions play in connection to one another. PAM and sportsbook must exist together, essentially they are the key pairing to the success of your iGaming business.  

A Player Account Management (PAM) system is software that manages and controls the player accounts for online gaming and betting websites. This could include the following features: account creation, deposit, withdrawal management, player tracking, and transaction reporting, regulation adherence. Additionally, the PAM is the centre point to your operations, as this is where, through the PAM,  you will integrate sportsbooks, like Altenar’s product, alongside payment methods, CRM systems, casino games, virtual games and so on.

While your Altenar-designed sportsbook solution is a software system that provides the infrastructure for sports betting websites to operate and has become the global go-to for successful iGaming ventures. Sportsbook solutions often include the following features: odds calculation, bet placement, and settlement, as well as integrations with various premium data sources for live sports events in a host of global leagues.

You can discover more about Altenar and its sportsbook solutions by contacting the Latin American experts, Diego Salas (Sales Manager) and Hugo Llanos (Regional Director Americas)! 

The Benefits Of A Sportsbook Integrated PAM To An Online Betting Business | Gaming in LatAm

As a sportsbook software provider presenting and exhibiting at this year’s GAT Cartagena expo, with a host of global markets, expertise and intrinsic knowledge of sportsbook technologies and capabilities, Altenar is taking a look at the benefits of a sportsbook solution for iGaming ventures throughout Latin America. 

  • Improved Odds Management: Provides real-time odds calculation and management which allows operators the opportunity to quickly and accurately update betting lines in response to market needs and wants.
  • Automated Betting and Settlement: Automated bet placement and settlement process, which can reduce the risk of errors and increase the efficiency of your business.
  • Increased Revenues: The potential to increase revenue - provides a better player experience, improved odds management, and increased efficiency.
  • Better Data Management: Gathering and storing player and betting data that allows operators to gain insights into player behaviour and preferences, as well as can help to make data-driven decisions. You can discover some of Altenar’s Big Data aims by reading this article.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Providing a user-friendly interface for players to place bets, view odds and results, and access account information. With Altenar, your players will have access to widget technology, discover the benefits of this here.
  • Increased Player Engagement: Offering a wide range of betting markets, including in-game betting, live streaming, and virtual sports, features and more can increase your player retention rates.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Helping you to comply with various gaming regulations by tracking and reporting on player activity and transactions. Altenar has ample experience in a host of highly-regulated markets. 
  • Scalability: Scaled up or down to accommodate changes in player numbers. If you’re looking for a customisable solution and sportsbook offering, Altenar is a go-to provider in the industry. You can discover some of Altenar’s client success stories here.

Key Overview | Sportsbook & PAM

Without the PAM there ceases to be a gaming solution for your business … However, Altenar has the solutions for you and your business. The team at the award-winning sportsbook provider is able to suggest a host of reliable PAM providers to you. This service ensures that your iGaming business is starting with its best foot forward as Altenar’s professionals are able to demonstrate PAM systems that have successfully integrated its sportsbook solution with astounding acclaim from global markets.

It’s also worthy to note that you, as an operator, will sign two agreements, one with your PAM provider and the other with your sportsbook provider. 

When looking for the correct PAM for you to integrate Altenar’s sportsbook solution and other desirable iGaming verticals you should consider the below.

  • Purpose: PAM system - manage player accounts, including player data, transactions, and security. Sportsbook solution - provides a platform for sports betting, including odds calculation, bet placement, and settlement.
  • Technical Architecture: PAM systems are designed to integrate with other systems like payment gateways and customer relationship management systems, and could potentially use microservices architecture.

Make sure you book a meeting with Altenar’s sports betting solutions experts at this year’s GAT exp and start your sportsbook journey right! 

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