Altenar claims Best Innovative Product award in Italy

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Altenar’s ever-improving range of products and solutions were recognised in Italy with the award for the Best Innovative Product at 2024 at Enada Primavera.

The exhibition in Rimini is the highlight of the year for the Italian betting industry and Altenar’s team of Franceso Papallo, Martin Baldacchino and Andrea Lo Votrico were in attendance.

The highlight of the week was Altenar winning the innovation prize thanks to a range of new features which impressed the judges, including the Bet Mentor widget, the Insights feature as well as the mobile app.

An important few days of networking also involved Altenar hosting a client party at a Michelin-guide restaurant with partners, where guests included famous Italian football tipster Mirko Cisco.

Altenar has been working as a sports betting provider in Italy for five years and Enada Primavera 2024 was a good chance to showcase the full range of products and solutions.

Essentially, participating in these events allows Altenar to maintain the appeal that has been built over the past five years. Furthermore, participating in Enada during this period of uncertainty due to the new regulations is an opportunity.

In general, it wasn’t a single one of our sportsbook features that stood out with greater appeal, but the entire Altenar product, which encompasses a full Risk Management solution and 24/7 support. The customization of the front end was well-received, as was the competitiveness of the available markets.

Franceso Papallo, Sales Manager at Altenar

There are major changes coming to the iGaming industry in Italy, with the regulator preparing to release new licences which will cost €7million and have a term of nine years. The €7m will need to be paid as a one-time fee and an annual concession fee determined at 3% of the dealer's net margin will also apply. 

The decree must pass through the parliamentary process before it can come into force and new applications for online gambling licences are not currently being accepted. New online licences will only be available when a new tender is announced, while it is expected that the regulator will reorganise retail licences (for shops) in a way that unifies them with online. 

It remains to be seen exactly what impact this will have on operators, with Francesco adding: 

The new tender for licence issuance is almost ready, but for technical reasons, it will not be released in 2024. Therefore, we will await the beginning of 2025 to understand how the Italian betting market will evolve. 

Undoubtedly, the industry giants will have a boost, but many smaller operators have already decided to bear the cost of €7m for the new licence. They are gearing up to attract more players and potentially absorb other smaller operators who, for various reasons, may not be able to purchase the licence.

Altenar is ready to support operators of any size to grow their betting brand in Italy and the Enada award for innovation highlights the improvements to the offering.

We are aware that in the Italian betting market it is difficult due to all the technical procedures. Altenar, being a company headquartered abroad (and therefore not in Italy), presents itself as an alternative solution, with a flexible product tailored to individual operator needs.

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