Altenar’s Bet Boost promo tool receives upgrade

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With international football season just around the corner, it’s only prudent for Altenar to upgrade its Bet Boost feature to the next level. This will allow operators a better chance of sticking out once the Euro 2024, the Olympic tournament in France, and Copa América across the Atlantic kicks off. All three events will add pressure on sportsbooks to deliver the best possible player experience. This is where the upgraded Bet Boost tool comes into play.

The Bet Boost tool has been set up to be more customisable and flexible than ever before. Operators partnered with Altenar will have a lot more freedom when they are creating their offers rather than reaching out to Altenar for assistance.

With our new Bet Boost tool, we are providing our sportsbook partners with unparalleled flexibility and control. Operators can now customise and automate boosts to engage players more effectively

Dinos Doxiadis, Sportsbook Product Development Manager at Altenar

Three different Bet Boost options  

The most popular one by far for player acquisition is the above fair odds boost. Operators will not only be able to boost odds as they see fit, they can also choose what to call the offer. Whether it is Super Boost or Golden Boost, it can be used for significant price hikes to entice punters to take part in the promotion.

Next is the standard boost which is commonly used to up the odds on an event to give the operator a slight margin while the 0% boost offers the bet at the correct price i.e. without a margin.

Our goal is to help operators stand out by allowing them to boost any selection from our sportsbook and control how and when these boosts are displayed. By incorporating options such as labels and countdowns, operators can create a sense of urgency and excitement, increasing user engagement while also significantly impacting user retention and acquisition.

Dinos Doxiadis, Sportsbook Product Development Manager at Altenar

Football will be the main focus during the summer months of 2024, but this doesn’t mean that the Bet Boost tool cannot be used on other sports such as US sports, tennis, golf, Formula 1 or boxing. Regardless of sport, being able to boost bets will change the traffic on any betting site.

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