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Founded in 2011, Altenar is a leading igaming software provider inspired by the vision of our customers. Any non-standard request is a strong reason for our professionals to expand the product's capabilities by adapting it to a new market, new audience or new requirements.

This flexibility has led us to become the preferred partner for licensed operators, and has also allowed us to share our experiences of the gaming industry to help grow our clients’ operational capacity.

By providing the best customised igaming platform in the field of the sportsbook igaming software, we fully understand the value of trust between both sides. For that reason, Altenar remains an exclusively B2B company.

Altenar’s mission goes beyond the idea of just achieving the highest possible profit. We aim to build a reputation as the most partner-oriented igaming software provider.

Founded in 2011, Altenar is leading igaming platform provider inspired by the vision of our customers.

By providing the best customised solution in the field of sportsbook igaming software, we:

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    Fully understand the value of trust between both sides

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    Market Regulations

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    Deposit Bonuses

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    For that reason, Altenar remains an exclusively B2B company


Information security is crucial at Altenar. We understand how important security and protection of data is to our customers and website visitors. Altenar invests in a dedicated security team to ensure that we provide safe and secure platforms to our customers, partners and employees. We are committed to protecting our systems and data by following industry best practices, conforming with our legal and regulatory obligations and through continuous improvement.

We maintain an information security management system, consisting of a set of policies and procedures that are approved by top management and are reviewed annually. All employees must review and sign our IT Security Policy and are subject to internal training to ensure that they understand their responsibilities in maintaining a good security stance. Training covers all areas relevant to information security and privacy including awareness training on typical social engineering threats and techniques.

We carry out risk management on all new projects to identify possible weaknesses and ensure conformance with the policies that we set out. We also perform routine auditing, vulnerability scanning and regular penetration testing by an independent testing organisation to evaluate the security of our systems.

We are certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) standard which is the leading international standard for information security. The certification, which is maintained and renewed annually, provides assurance that Altenar maintains a robust information security management system, giving customers peace of mind in knowing that their data and privacy are protected.

You can verify the validity of our ISO certificate by entering our certificate number 239970 via this link: www.british-assessment.co.uk/verify.

Further to this, our information security management system is independently audited in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard and we are subject to regular audits against the multijurisdictional gaming regulatory frameworks.

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