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Enhancing Altenar’s Stability And Flexibility With Big Data | What We Aim To Achieve With Data

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is looking at what it can achieve with data as increased demand for its services and products reaches new heights, as more and more business-savvy individuals see the benefits of sports betting as a means of entertainment. 

Speaking with Altenar’s Senior Data Analyst, Darren Willenberg, it became clear that Altenar’s use of data brings greater customisation to its product for your clients. 

Customisation and personalisation are a must-have for your players, as according to Infosys 74% of customers feel frustrated when content isn’t customised and SalesForce found that 51% of customers expect companies to anticipate their needs. 

A part of meeting your player's needs relies on greater security for a trusted gaming environment, where the use of AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning can assess and detect anomalies. 

Helping to prevent security breaches and threats, while boosting the speed of automated KPI analysis, and the discovery of hidden performance opportunities and can even stretch an operator’s resources and budgets. 

Altenar’s data achievements will focus on the following areas:

  • More Stability - using data to further promote a safe, fair and trusted gaming environment 
  • More Flexibility - using data to provide an even-more customised user experience where it shows players events/games that they prefer to see. 

Darren noted the following on Altenar’s use of data, “The gaming intelligence platform will push hard to deliver these aspects by using data analytics to uncover hidden patterns in data such as potentially fraudulent activities and personalised trends.” 

Your players can play-aware with an Altenar-designed sportsbook and you can begin your journey today by contacting the passionate professionals behind the globally recognised sports betting software provider. 

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