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Altenar Showcases Its New Robust Front-End | Widget Technology

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is known for its customer-driven technology, where the nuts and bolts of the ever-popular sportsbook are designed with the end-user in mind and the efficiency of the products for operators. 

Recently, and ahead of 2023, Altenar will be changing its once single-solution-front-end-frame to its new robust version, thanks to the implementation of widgets. 

With previous operator-chosen features like icons, colours, and some other aspects of the UX/UI, Altenar now offers its operators the ability to build their own front end where widgets demonstrate components of the sportsbook most desirable to operators and their players.

It’s a major change for the sportsbook software provider and its partners, as the new robust front-end allows operators to have a unique front end/display, as well as having the widgets be accessible and changeable through the backend to allow for any changes in trends.  

The operator benefits from automatic updates inside of the widgets, access to previously loved and specific content like upcoming events and allows for greater brand identification thanks to greater differentiation through the widgets. 

As the sportsbook is no longer designed to demonstrate as a frame, operators can benefit from further flexibility in Altenar’s product. You can find one of many demonstrations of the new robust front end below. 

Do you want to discover more about the robust front end? Contact the Altenar team today! 

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