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Adaptable To Business Needs & Large Operators | Altenar’s Sportsbook & You

Altenar is a global provider of sportsbook solutions and software, which has garnered the sports betting business the ability to scale its infrastructures, business, industry clients and global footprint. 

This year Altenar will be attending iGaming NEXT New York

With a historic and prominent presence in Europe, Latin America and Africa, as well as, venturing into new market spaces like Canada, Altenar is a provider with flexibility and stability in mind, all the while, ensuring that your business needs are met as you scale your iGaming venture. 

Altenar can support start-up iGaming businesses, in-land gambling ventures that want to enter the iGaming space, Casino merchants wanting to offer a reliable and data-driven sportsbook with low latency and generally companies wanting to start their sports betting business with their best foot forward - an Altenar designed and built sportsbook solution. 

Aiming to go big is an objective that Altenar can support, especially as your clients are drawn to your sportsbook events and extensive content offering. Altenar recently introduced Big Data analytics as a service which brings the sportsbook provider closer to an agile Big Data analytics platform, which aims to learn how data applications behave in production. 

Successfully, Altenar was able to witness the real-time test of this service during the 2022 World Cup allowing and maintaining streaming applications in high-volume environments that saw Altenar’s infrastructure handle millions of bets per day. 

How will Altenar fulfil business needs for large operators?

  • More Stability - using data to further promote a safe, fair and trusted gaming environment 
  • More Flexibility - using data to provide an even more customised user experience where we show players events/games that they prefer to see. 

Additionally, Altenar currently holds a host of certifications and licences around the world, with a recent foothold in Ontario, Canada! Being AGCO licensed in this market has placed Altenar on the map as a top sports betting provider throughout North America and Canada. 

You can read about Altenar’s entrance and prevalence in this market from a Gaming Americas interview with Altenar COO and Co-Founder Dinos Stranomitis. As well as, take a closer look at the importance, hard work and requirements to achieve their AGCO licence in an interview with Altenar’s Technical Compliance Manager Marina Zacharopoulou. 

You can discover more about Altenar and its sportsbook solution by visiting the award-winning provider at iGamingNEXT New York! Contact the team today for a demo or to book a meeting.

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