Altenar launches Malta Business Talks

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Altenar is throwing open its doors and bringing the business community together with a new networking event called Malta Business Talks.

The goal is to create an event where professionals from different businesses in Malta come together to share knowledge, create innovations and build lasting connections.

Discussions will include business issues, sales and customer communications within the challenging and diverse industry of iGaming.

Altenar has been organising MaltaTechTalks for almost a year now. This event has been very successful and generated lots of interest from the audience so the format is being repeated but with the focus on business rather than technology.

Each of the events, which will feature insightful presentations by industry leaders plus engaging panel discussions, is designed to offer a platform for meaningful conversations, professional development and networking opportunities.

Altenar COO Dinos Stranomitis was involved in the concept and will be the first speaker at the opening event, which will be held at Altenar’s office in the Pendergardens Business centre, San Giljan, on April 4.  

Altenar is very happy to expose ourselves to the audience and explain how we work, how we think and what we represent. Everyone is welcome to come to us and listen to us. We want to create relationships with the business community.

Dinos Stranomitis COO at Altenar

Regarding what the audience can expect from his presentation, he added:

I want to discuss sales techniques. I’ve had to force myself to become a salesman for almost the last 10 years. I can pass on a bit of experience in terms of how I have transformed myself.

I am a qualified engineer but engineers are not salesmen and they cannot lie. In engineering everything is zero or one - it either works or it doesn’t work. In sales it is never zero or one - it is always something in between. I’ve had to learn how to transform myself and I can pass on this experience to the audience.

I had to struggle to avoid any negative discussion about our product. People used to ask me if we had something which we didn’t. You cannot tell them you don’t have it - the key is to discuss it and tell them you will do it for them. In sales you don’t only sell to the customer but you must sell internally to your developers to explain what you don’t have but need. 

To be successful in sales you need to sell to both sides and this is what I want to explain. Too many people only want to sell to customers but selling internally is more important. Once you get help from your company to develop the products that the customer needs, then you can be much more successful.


Whether you are a seasoned business professional, client, operator, or an enthusiastic supporter of the iGaming industry, Altenar extends a warm welcome to Malta Business Talks. The event is free to attend and will include refreshments. Head to the Malta Business Talks website to register for either offline or online attendance.

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