Altenar’s Sportsbook Software Harnesses The Cloud As SaaS | Altenar, LatAm & You

Altenar’s Sportsbook Software Harnesses The Cloud As SaaS | Altenar, LatAm & You

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider is preparing for the doors of GAT 2023 to open and begin detailing their new-for-this-year features and improvements that have garnered the sports betting solutions provider global accolade, awards and respectability throughout the iGaming industry.

In this article, Altenar aims to demonstrate the benefits of its sportsbook solutions being hosted on the Cloud and how this improves its usability for global businesses that require scalability, flexibility and enhance security in an ever-changing market space like Latin America. 

Let’s take a look…

What Are the Benefits of Google Cloud Platform Infrastructure In Altenar’s Sportsbook Solutions?

  • Scalability: Scalability is a must in the iGaming industry, with the Cloud Altenar can implement automatic scaling and load balancing features to increase your business's chance of survival on the market.
  • Security: An amazing security model - boasting third-party certifications for data privacy and security.
  • Global footprint: As a global infrastructure, with multiple data centres and regions, Altenar can localise its solutions and servers to better suit geographical needs and per-country regulatory requirements. 
  • Integration with other Google services: Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. 

Google Cloud Services | Sportsbook Edition

As a sportsbook software provider with strong devotion, interest and passion for technologies, Altenar has found a perfect pairing with Cloud services as they both harness and build-on must-have technologies in today’s iGaming space. 

You can discover insights into Altenar’s technologies by visiting the sportsbook provider’s blog. 

  • Data processing and analytics: Altenar and you have access to powerful data processing and analytics tools helping you to process large amounts of sports betting data and generate real-time insights to better create a seamless sports betting operation for you and your players.
  • Machine learning: ML services are a growing technology throughout a host of sectors and they can help to build predictive models and automate betting strategies for your business. 

Want to harness Altenar’s sportsbook technologies? Contact the team today! 

Would you like further insights on how this benefits your operations within Latin America? Book a meeting with market experts here

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