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How To Choose A Sportsbook Software Provider In The UK. 

Choosing the correct sports betting software provider can be a difficult choice in the UK because there appear to be a plethora of companies offering the same sports betting software, so how do companies like Altenar manage to stand out fr om the crowd when the sportsbook software market is dense? Customisation is the key for all UK sports betting software providers and this is what Altenar has refined over its active years as a sportsbook software provider. In a land wh ere fish and chips are a delicacy and the Queen’s dogs are famous, it seems only natural that the online gambling market needs to be as unique as the country it belongs to. Altenar, the sports betting software provider, has offered customisation throughout the world so it’s no wonder Altenar has partnered with numerous businesses in the UK who want a slice of Altenar’s genius. One partner to note is STech Technologies, where Altenar designed a bespoke aesthetic and customisation for the Space Casino’s owner that altered the online gambling space in the UK. At Altenar, the front-end and backend work in harmony with one another where stability and flexibility meet to form a proficient and stylish sportsbook. Altenar demonstrated that uniqueness doesn’t have to come at the cost of low-performance technology, which is why if you’re setting up shop in the UK, Altenar is the only sportsbook software provider for you. 

UK Based Achievements For The Successful Sportsbook Software Provider, Altenar. 

Altenar’s ability for customisation has opened countless doors for UK sports betting ventures … it also allows companies to sel ect which sports they’d like to have bets placed on, all the while, having access to several data providers to ensure that scores and wins are tracked in real-time, with as little delay as possible, if any occurs at all. With a selection of data providers at Altenar’s hard-working fingertips, the sportsbook software provider is already ahead of the curve, but being able to offer ‘light’ versions and mobile versions of their software allows punters to bet on the go. Altenar’s progressive use of widgets in the sportsbook software arena allows for swifter betting, much akin to online Casinos and ‘fruit machines’ in the boozer. Altenar understands that the UK market focuses on tech and development, which harmoniously resonates with Altenar, the sportsbook software provider. Altenar has achieved successful relationships in the UK and the customisation of their software to the exact requirements of their partners...

Altenar has two UKGC operators within the UK market and the team behind the sportsbook software provider believe the UK market to be important, in terms of reputation and as an environment for adapting Altenar’s product. Altenar holds a UKGC provider’s licence.

Points To Consider When Looking To Add Sportsbook Software To Your Online Gambling Website 

1. Localised knowledge  - this will ensure the sportsbook software provider can offer the best service possible. 

2. A flexible front-end layer  - this will help you cater to various markets seamlessly.

3. The sportsbook software is adaptable

4. Be customisable

Altenar is where stability meets flexibility and the UK market has profited greatly fr om access to Altenar’s globally harnessed software. Altenar can curate and execute your experience as an owner, as well as, the experience of your customers. With a 24/7 helpline and excellent trading and risk management systems, there isn’t an area or layer of sportsbook software that Altenar isn’t an expert in. To have Altenar personalise their sports betting software for you visit

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