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Bringing Tier-One Sports Betting Content to Spain With Altenar & Paston

As a sportsbook software provider, Altenar understands the value of a highly-technical product, that not only provides the end user with what they want and ease-of-use, but the team behind the solutions provider have a tight grasp on shaping their solutions to the needs of the operator as well. 

As an operator in a highly-competitive market (Spain) Altenar’s partnered operator Paston spoke in a recent interview about the partnership between themselves and the sportsbook solutions provider.  

Altenar’s Account Manager, Isidoros Siderakis, had the following to remark on the partnership he has helped to nurture since its inception - “on a daily basis, we strive to be on the top of the igaming business development, identifying and evaluating new opportunities as well as integrating new ideas in our SB software solution. If we are trying to find the reason behind our business's growth there can be several, however in my opinion the key point is the great 24/7 collaboration which leads to better decision making and customer satisfaction.”

You can discover the ins and outs of that interview below … 

Why did you choose Altenar’s sportsbook solution for your operations? 

Altenar provides a huge range of sports events and better odds than other competitors, which gives us a great opportunity in a very competitive market.

How does Altenar facilitate your daily business operations?

They give very easy-to-use tools and are effortlessly customizable. In addition, the communication with the human team is really quick and effective.

What sportsbook features/tools and more do you find your players love best?

Our players love the simplicity and variety in the events and markets, and tools like the Bet Builder.

What does the future of Spain’s iGaming business look like and how are you prepared for this?

On one hand we are pioneers in eSports betting in Spain. The partnership with Altenar has allowed us to increase the quantity and quality on this vertical and get a prominent position in the market. On the other hand, we are working very hard on giving new gaming experiences to our players, through, for example, gamification proposes.

How satisfied are you with Altenar compared to your previous sports betting provider?

We are highly satisfied. Altenar has improved our control over the sportsbook and, at the same time, has increased our confidence, significantly reducing the volume of issues for our players.

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