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The Run To Athens! Sports Betting Software Provider Participates In Half Marathon And Altenar’s Team Are Ready For The Next Sporting Event

Altenar, the sportsbook software provider is known for many things, whether that’s offering operators access to several data providers or the plethora of sports content, live and virtual, on offer to customers around the world. Though, the team behind the blue light of the sportsbook provider have previously been little known for their own love and participation in sports events outside of the office. 

It’s one thing to enjoy the thrill of the iGaming industry, from the vast array of expos in some of the largest cities in the world to innovative technologies that bridge the technology gap in many countries, to having a love for running marathons. 

Altenar’s Greece-based office recently ran a half-marathon and thoroughly enjoyed every second of the race. Though, it appears that participating in sports events is a core belief at Altenar and one that curates a culture of mind and body first for employees. 

If you search the depths of the internet and even books on modern science, physical education, sports therapy and physiotherapy, the benefits of sport on the workplace and individual basis are astronomical because it offers a sense of achievement, access to fresh air, team building, comradery … the list is endless. 

So, when sports betting software providers like Altenar often take part in half marathons, football matches and the like, it builds an unrivalled rapport amongst the team, as well as, helping them to feel good about themselves having participated in physical activity. 

More Than A Half Marathon

Altenar’s sports betting professionals achieved a host of beneficial results by participating in the half marathon and other sporting events around the world, and it appears that it has created the much coveted and somewhat elusive work-life balance that many employees strive for when working. 

It might be this reason, amongst many, that Altenar not only retains employees but has seen a drastic increase in new hires, because they understand the value of a work-life balance and a large part of this harmony is fitness and health based. 

According to Vantage Fit Blog, fitness and wellness not only aids the corporate world but encourages team building aspects, improves management skills and judgement and boosts employee engagement. 

The benefits of exercise within the workplace, or as an extension into home life, can increase the chances of employees reaching their health and fitness goals without feeling as though they need to schedule additional time into their already busy days and lives. 

One further addition to participating in sports is it can help individuals accept failure in a stress-free and calm environment which can often transfer to daily life and work life. 

At Altenar there is an understanding and ethos that de-stressing from the hustle and bustle of work is equally as important as getting the job done and it’s for this reason operators know they’ll get top-notch service from the sports betting provider. 

Altenar’s Greece-based team took part in the Athens half Marathon event 2022, which was held on Sunday the 20th of March.  This event was organised by SEGAS (the Hellenic Athletics Federation) and the City of Athens/OPANDA where Altenar was proud to have taken part in the event! 

Altenar looks forward to the next game of five-a-side, or indeed, another half marathon! 

You can learn more about Altenar’s team and their work behind the sportsbook software provider by visiting Altenar’s website and requesting a demo or a chat!

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