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Pre-match and in-play betting are two of the more favoured ways to participate in betting, especially in games like Football, Basketball and Baseball, to name a few. Though the ins and outs of these types of betting are rarely explained and considered a ‘standard base knowledge’ for the sports betting industry, it’s often these aspects of sportsbook, sports betting and overall betting that need to be explained … at least, the benefits  that in-play and pre-match betting holds for bettors and operators alike. 

It’s in these moments where handy, easy-to-reach content on pre-match and in-play betting is not only a tool for economic prosperity in the sports betting world but a nice breather from the hustle and bustle of all things sportsbook and iGaming.

A well-seasoned sportsbook software provider, Altenar, took the time to compile a host of pros versus pros for the two types of betting that often dominate the percentage of bets placed in any given league or event. Even with a concluding-shoulder-shrug that all betting is relatively the same, offering the same results, it's the experience of pre-match and in-play betting that can often drastically vary for sports betting fanatics who have likely taken part in betting, wagers and the like for many years. 

Taking Football as a prime example, and market, for in-play vs pre-match betting, Altenar discovered through’s An Optimum Betting Market: A Regulatory, Fiscal & Integrity Assessment work that over 74% of Football betting took place on in-play markets which estimated revenues of around $107bn … It stands to reason that these aren’t numbers to be scoffed at, whether as an operator or as a bettor. These numbers were extrapolated from the assessment that took place during the latter part of 2020 and early stages of 2021, that predicted a forecast period to 2025.

Pre-match betting offers operators and bettors a different experience that can alter time and decision making, odds sizes and the size of the bookmarker margin (to name a few). With emotions running high during in-play betting some bettors prefer to retain a logical mind before placing a bet… however, there’s no certainty in a game of chance … hence the preferred in-play option. 

With the pros of in-play and pre-match equally matched in enjoyment, it appears that most bettors and operators are looking to harness in-play betting more, as the rise of Esports and online betting, in general, continues to grow. With a 74% preference, in football, for in-play betting, operators that offer this experience through their sportsbook software provider, like Altenar, can increase bettor return rates and engagement with their content. 

If you want to discover more about the sports betting industry and all it entails, you should contact Altenar, the sportsbook software provider today for insights, reports, data and knowledge. 

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