The Best Esports Games For Operators - A Look At MOBA Gaming | Altenar

The Best Esports Games For Operators - A Look At MOBA Gaming | Altenar

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As the world of Esports erupts and fantasy leagues grow in popularity fr om taking over your local Vue cinema to compete within the cinematic experience to placing bets on favourite games … all the while, the player knows they could win big. 

As channels like Twitch and Youtube burst at the seams with Esports content, it can be difficult for an operator to know which games are the best to engage their next generation bettors, for that reason, Altenar a sportsbook software provider has compiled a brief guide to the Esports content that’s creating a worldwide storm and offering a new look at what sports betting can mean and how it can be visualised. 

It’s in these moments of new wave brilliance wh ere Altenar shines, and for this reason many operators have partnered with Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, because of the wealth of sports and Esports content that is available through Altenar’s bespoke service. 

So, without further ado, what are some of the top Esposts leagues that are helping to drive the sports betting industry into a new stratosphere of success for operators? 

Let’s take a look…

Fantasy Leagues In Sports Betting Takes Online Gaming To New Realms

Knowing the chart toppers is always best for operators, because it offers you an understanding of what bettors are excited about for their favourite Esports MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games.

Betting On Dota 2 

Garnering widespread indie accolades was only the beginning for the MOBA top-charter that helped to not only define the gaming genre, but took fantasy leagues into the realm of sports betting, where fans are equally as devoted as within traditional sports betting. ComicCon floors are filled with countless Cosplays of characters and the operators of sportsbooks have seen the success of this game in the online betting circuits. Especially since the pandemic hit, where the need for in-person events stopped and Esports filled the gap. 

As teams of fantastical creatures battle along fields of fire, or ice, or any whimsical creation by the games designers, Dota and the sequel, Dota 2, took the world by storm and as a result hosting betting options for this game will not only bring players to your operating site, but engages them to come back for more. 

This is because of the sportsbook software provideryou choose, Altenar for example, offer risk management systems and offer operators the ability to cherry pick the content they want on the website, so gamers always know what the odds are and what features apply to what types of bet. 

With widget technology for the fast-paced world of fantasy leagues, bettors are able to bet and watch at the same time, should they wish to do so … and it’s this understanding of product and knowledge of the consumer that sets Altenar apart fr om other sportsbook software providers.

Bets Placed On League of Legends

With a new meaning given to five-a-side teams, those playing League of Legends often play for 20 to 40 minutes a game, wh ere the players main-aim is to take the opposing teams Nexus (homebase) and protect their own, all the while traversing a map that’s filled with enemies, pitfalls and computerised obstacles. 

With League of Legends being one of the reigning forms of MOBA gaming, the world of Esports betting has seen ample growth since the desire to bet on these types of games saw a drastic increase. 

It’s arguable that the success of Esports betting takes its origins from traditional sports betting, all the while, still offering those key aspects and thrills of the sporting world that aren’t easily replaced… even in the realms of the fantastical. 

If you’re looking to harness the growing and already astounding power of Esports MOBA leagues, then contact Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, to discover what Altenar’s sportsbook and Esports offering will do for you, your players and your overall success. 

Discover Esports betting with Altenar. 

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