Kubernetes and Altenar | Ensuring Industry Standards For High-Availability Services

Kubernetes and Altenar | Ensuring Industry Standards For High-Availability Services

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, employs Kubernetes (K8S) to ensure that a client's sportsbook solutionis running alongside industry standards, is highly scalable, and offers numerous hosting potential from a customer’s computing facilities to cloud providers like Amazon and Google. 

Though this is the tip of the clustered iceberg for the potential of Kubernetes within Altenar’s sportsbook solutions, which has received global recognition. Taking a closer look at the benefits of K8S in business, why Altenar uses Kubernetes and facts about K8S in Altenar's SB2 (sportsbook) can help clients envision the vast potential of Altenar’s product and what it can do for your iGaming business. 

Together, Altenar and its use of Kubernetes ensures the management of containers (orchestration), which allows for easier management of the solutions, deployments and updates, monitoring performance and troubleshooting.  

Why Does Altenar Use K8S In Its Sportsbook?

  • The platform is focused on applications, not infrastructure
  • Flexible configuration of various applications and secure traffic distribution
  • Easily maintain the solution through clear documentation and an active community
  • A K8S system is a valuable tool for a business and therefore must be fault tolerant and continue to operate even if some part fails

What Are The Benefits Of K8S For Businesses? 

  • Flexible configuration and automated update process 
  • Current updates do not effect the performance of the system and can be carried out at any time 
  • All operations are carried out automatically: from source code to release into the production environment
  • Allows for short release cycles

Facts About the K8S in SB2

  • The following services are deployed in K8S: Cronjobs, worker services and APIs 
  • There are >250 instances of deployments in all SB2 Kubernetes clusters
  • Kubernetes is not only deployed across Altenar’s cluster but in three regions as well: North America, South America and Europe.

Altenar's K8S keeps the SB2 up to date; allowing updates to go unnoticed by users by duplicating containers and sequentially redirecting users from one to another. Not only this, but Altenar’s K8S allows developers to quickly and reliably deploy applications on any infrastructure … making it easier to update the system codebase.

You can discover more about harnessing Altenar’s technologies, concepts and sportsbook solutions by contacting the award-winning team today! 

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