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Creating Physical Betting Subscriptions For Retail-Heavy Africa With Altenar | Agent System & Local Partners

With SIGMA Africa around the corner, it’s vital to understand the needs of a sports betting landscape where not only player tastes and wants might differ heavily from neighbouring countries, but how content is consumed and new players are found. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has tailored its sports betting solutions to the challenges faced by Africa’s betting market, which often includes the need for access points through retail. 

This has been achieved by Altenar’s Agent System which has created a healthy ecosystem of commission-based incentives to bring new and excited players to sports betting and the ability for those already-seasoned players to have a place where they can indulge their favourite pastimes. 

So, if you’re looking to enter the sports betting landscape of Africa, how will Altenar’s Agent Systems and Local Partner work for you and your brand? 

Let’s take a look … 

How Altenar’s Agent System Works | Sportsbook Retail

The sports betting Agent System creates the opportunity for operators to find and allow a set of local partners to build their own network, which consists of  super agents can and subsequently of agents (freelancers/physical shops)which they find their own players to register to this network by having them either create an online account within the system or create a cashier account for the person who will be placing the bets on behalf of the retail clients. 

This helps to bring state-of-the-art technologies to a retail-heavy betting landscape. 

Your local agents can track performance, reports, betting patterns, and logs through the Agent System for each player. 

You can discover more about Altenar’s Agent System by visiting Sales Managers Diego Salas and Vagelis Bairlis at the 2023 SIGMA Africa to discuss the benefits of this system! 

Or, contact the Altenar team today to stay ahead of the game! 

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