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Privacy In The Field Of Gambling | How To Mitigate, Store Data Safely & Establish A Privacy Culture

With data being the hot topic of the tech-industry and more and more request for personal data are taken daily, whether that’s requiring your DOB or email address to enter a website, there is an increased necessity for cyber security especially within the iGaming space that witnessed increased attacks during and post the pandemic. 

So, how do companies like Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, mitigate such threats as an expanding and growing sports betting business and protect their pool of partnered operators? 

Interviewing Altenar’s Technical Compliance Manager, Marina Zacharopoulou, offered insights on how an expanding business with always-improving iterations of its software and increasing global end-users can begin to navigate the waters of data protection successfully. 

Marina began, “We know that when an end user creates an account , immediately they are obliged to  provide a large amount of data and personal information in order to gamble, in some countries it is also necessary to provide even your social security number. Due to the huge amount of data that is collected in operators’ platforms & in the softwares in general, we can all agree that these systems are the most vulnerable for data breaches. After the covid pandemic started we observed that the number of the attacks towards gambling platforms and casinos increased.” 

Marina continued, “Now, two years after the pandemic, we still observe numerous breaches daily towards online gambling platforms. The question is: how to mitigate it? How can we avoid it completely if possible?”

Establishing Privacy Cultures in Companies | Altenar

The general idea, though potentially complicated through blanket application, is that companies need to create privacy cultures, respect the laws and regulatory frameworks applicable to them and in turn, adhere to the ‘clear guidelines about the safe storage of data, the retention of this data and respect any obligations in case of a data breach.’

Interestingly, more is being done to create a greater safety net, or framework, to help the protection of gamblers and their data, Marina noted, ‘I would say that it is impressive and at the same time encouraging the fact that we see gambling authorities engaging with national centres of cyber security and data protection.’

Seeking Altenar’s Technical Compliance Manager, Marina Zacharopoulou’s opinion on cyber security in iGaming shed invaluable light over what must be done and is being done to reduce risk factors across Europe’s betting landscape, and how Altenar actively seeks to implement the latest laws, know-how and infrastructures to better protect its operators and their players. . 

Marina concluded, “What Altenar does? Being armed and ready to defeat any threat. With constant training of our employees, constant communication with our operators, suppliers and on top of them communication with the regulatory bodies , cyber security & data protection for our organisation and our customers is our top priority.”

You can discover more on how secure Altenar’s sports betting solutions are by contacting the team today to book a meeting! 

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