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How Has Live Betting Become Even-More Entertaining For Your Players? | Altenar

As one of the most historical verticals to cross into the realms of iGaming, live sports betting brings with it an excitement like few other verticals to this day, and at the time of writing this article, many industry leaders look at how live betting has managed to grip audiences for millennia, in some form or other. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, understands the inherent entertainment value of live betting, and has detailed a list of how adding this vertical to your iGaming offering could increase player retention rates and revenue. 

As more players look to live betting to enter the space of sports betting it’s best to understand why it’s so popular with your players … 

  • Your players have better access to data (review Altenar’s articles on the benefits of well-informed bettors increasing player retention rates).
  • Increased entertainment value, which is drawing new and next-gen players to the betting landscape.
  • Live betting can promote social experiences for bettors, increasing the ‘fun factor’, both in male and female players. 
  • Your players might not be able to watch the game but can participate in their favourite sports via your sportsbook.
  • Live betting is more accessible as it doesn’t require as much bettor knowledge as other verticals. 
  • Advanced technologies with minimal latency, reduced and unnoticeable ‘down times’.

You can add live betting, amongst a host of other sports betting entertainment, by harnessing Altenar’s sportsbook software. Contact the team today to begin your journey!

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