Altenar's Professionals Debate The Potential Of Widgets In Sports Betting As Technology Increases In Popularity

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Though widget technology isn’t new, the extensive use of widgets can be seen fr om as early as 2016, if not before, through the use of QR codes. Though the use of widgets in sports betting is something relatively new and somewhat largely unseen across the global industry of online sportsbooks. 

Altenar saw a foot in the door, or at least, ‘a largely untapped tech resource that could vastly increase user-experience whilst bettors were placing bets on Altenar’s software - widgets.’ 

This technology allows a quick-glance at sports data for the games most important to an operator's clients.  This ease-of-access promotes the idea that iGaming is moving with the times and is able to keep up with the fast paced world of sports betting and now, Esports as well.  

Though, as Altenar adopts and promotes widget technology throughout their c, what else can widget technology do, now it's popularity is on an upward trend? 

To Widget Or Not To Widget? That Is The Question

Knowing the information without opening the main source file or location is a dream come true and can be witnessed through a host of smartphone applications like the weather app. 

The app displays what you need to know without you having to expend the time and energy opening the app. This is the kind of time-saving brilliance that pricked Altenar’s interest in widget technology. 

‘As many operators integrate Altenar’s software with their pre-existing or soon-to-be-live aspects of other online gambling types, like Casino, the use of widgets means that bettors don’t have to open the sportsbook section to see the odds and events they love most.’ 

The widgets enable gamers to see their preferred sports content on the operator’s home page and allows for quicker betting, which in turn could increase revenue. 

This isn’t the only reason for Altenar to harness widget technology in its sportsbook. 

A Sense Of The Future

Widget technology allows Altenar’s clients to sit back and relax, in essence at least, as widgets update automatically. ‘This, one might say, is the beauty of widgets, they will update automatically and keep the site running smoothly for bettors as they have 24/7 access to the content they love.’ 

By having widget technology be a part of sports betting and now, Esports betting as well, it can revolutionise the way bettors, gamers and punters, in general, interact with an operator’s site and how operators are able to run their systems with a more hands-off approach. 

‘A win-win situation for those using widgets, the bettor and operator are both happy and for Altenar, that’s exactly the type of software we strive to create.’ 

In speaking with Altenar’s experts it's clear that widget technology is on the rise in the sportsbook industry, and is breaking glass ceilings along the way, from the way operators view the technology to how bettors can interact with it. 

If you’re looking to harness the power of Altenar’s software and use of widget technology, you can speak with one of its professionals today or request a sportsbook demo by visiting the website. 

Altenar is wh ere stability meets flexibility and the sports betting software provider is only growing in popularity and software expansion.

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