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The Future of Esports Betting For Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

The growing demand for Esports has reached an all time high as the pandemic drove countless in-land bettors to the waves of the internet and even more so, towards virtual betting and Esports as live events couldn’t take place for some time. Alongside this, many iGamers believe that virtually produced or synthetic gaming offers a truer sports betting experience.  

As a result, the Esports betting arena has witnessed dramatic expansion from 2019 to 2022 and has been predicted to reach all new heights by 2025. 

Within this relatively new avenue of gambling, the sports betting industry is faced with the challenges that come from fast-emerging markets and the uniqueness of this situation having been spurred on by the pandemic. 

So, what has caused this cataclysmic shift to Esports and what can be expected from an industry-changing, history-making shift like the continued demand for Esports betting? 

A Market Worth Betting On

As the increased demand for Esports has grown around the globe, it’s interesting to see what value the market has held and is predicted to hold in the coming years. 

According to a report from Market Insight Reports the Esports global value is set to reach 13 billion USD by 2025 from the 800 million USD recorded as of 2019. This demonstrates the global demand for Esports and the growth of the market in a short space of time. 

The pandemic witnessed and became the catalyst for the Esports market which is continuing to grow from its infancy. 

Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, has adopted this customer-based shift from traditional sports betting towards Esports and has incorporated this increasingly popular segment for their clients.

As a result, Altenar has witnessed a growth in the amount of new clients who want to harness Altenar’s access to Esports events. 

Whether your customers want to play League of Legends or Global Offensive, Altenar has access to a host of Esports verticals your customers will love. 

With a greater preference for online gambling to in-land gambling in the sports betting market, it’s no wonder that betting on virtual games and Esports has witnessed this exponential growth. 

What Can Esports Bring To Your Company?

For the most part, companies offering Esports will simply offer pre-match bets, however, Altenar and their Esports content provider, Oddin, offer a plethora of granular bets. 

Meaning that with Altenar, in-game betting can take place; from match scores, the first team to a specific number of rounds or live betting on who will gain or lose life in a game. This offers operators a host of interactive Esports content to the emerging crowd of younger iGamers who appear to move away from traditional sports betting. 

As the Esports ecosystem gains momentum and builds in sophistication more companies like Altenar will begin to adapt to the changing times. 

If you’re looking to enter the fast-growing market of Esports then you can do so by visiting Altenar’s website today and discover why they’re the company where stability meets flexibility. 

Request a demo or a chat with the friendly professionals at Altenar, the sports betting software provider to learn more. 

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