Altenar Launches Widget Version Of Its State-Of-The-Art Sportsbook Software

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider has recently launched its new sportsbook front-end, fully-based on widget technology with L&L and Allbritishcasino. It’s this drive for new technology or technology to be used in new ways that drive Altenar’s day-to-day missions, all the while, creating something useful for partnered operators. 

With the release of Altenar’s widget front end, the sports betting software provideris setting a precedent within the sportsbook world that demonstrates what can be achieved with continued hard work, communication and trust. In this, widget technology has been harnessed by Altenar for operators to offer a faster system than the previous STFE, with a lean toward the US layout where logos and away/home notifications can be displayed on the screen space. Heightening Altenar’s sportsbook goals that user experience is consistent across devices without loss of content. 

Altenar knows that widget technology offers operators a host of competitive-edge attributes, the least of which is that the technology will eventually offer an unrivalled level of flexibility in which operators can sel ect their own set of widgets and differentiate them fr om competitors. This will aid those operators who are also harnessing Altenar’s state-of-the-art software in the same market. 

As Altenar enters its initial version of this technology and the room for growth is continuing, it’s important to note the close and intricate work taking place at Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, and what this type of widget technology will drastically change for operators and Altenar’s backend to front-layer process as well. 

Though, what can the use of widget technology add to your Altenar created sportsbook? 

Let’s take a look … 

Widgets On The Brain With Altenar

The use of widget technology is on the rise and as a result, many companies are using it for different purposes, like, the weather apps on smartphones or Altenar’s new launch. 

Widget technology isn’t new, so it’s about reimagining what it can do and taking that small box of wonder to new heights, and that’s exactly what the minds behind Altenar’s widget front end has achieved.

The essence of widget technology is to have an automatic system that aids you in the running of your iGaming website, and with that in mind, Altenar outlines some of the key features of hosting widget technology in sportsbook software.

  • Content Widgets allow operators to embed Altenar’s sports content in a variety of positions - from online properties owned by the operator (landing pages) to any external, third party websites. 
  • Altenar’s content widgets allow operators to replace sportsbook components with custom widgets that are managed from the operator's side. This increases tremendously, the front end customisation and flexibility per individual brand requirements. 
  • Content widgets create a more immersive betting experience for customers by displaying stats, scoreboard, animations and popular bets, creating a greater interface.  
  • Altenar’s Content Widgets aim to create a new FE framework based on the widgets architecture while improving the UX.

With new features and a new launch skyrocketing Altenar’s sportsbook into greater depths of success for operators and a smoother user experience for players, it’s no wonder operators are flocking to the sports betting software provider. 

Want to learn more about Altenar and the forward-thinking technology that underpins its sportsbook? Contact the team today!

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