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The Benefits Of Early Payouts With Altenar’s Sportsbook Software

Early payouts are often attributed to online gambling and sports betting and as a result some punters, gamers and bettors have come to expect this addition or benefit from their operators … though, as not all operators offer this kind of promotion or only offer it infrequently it seems like a pie in the sky idea that Altenar are rolling out early payouts as an addition for their sportsbook software providers and in turn, some very happy customers, but Altenar are coming through for their clients once again.

Altenar are a sports betting provider and offer clients a host of tremendous benefits already, from access to several data providers, lower latency times, access to Esports content and risk management capabilities … and, as of 2022 Altenar’s software will be able to offer bettors the all-important, somewhat, supposedly mythical benefit of early payouts. 

So, what is an early payout? … it simply means that the operator will payout the sum of your winnings should the team or outcome of the event you placed a bet on before the end of the match or game appear to be winning. For instance, they are 2 goals ahead in a football/soccer match. 

As Altenar begins to harness early payouts for its operators there are many benefits  to this feature for both operator and bettor alike. 

So, what can the benefits of early payouts be?

Not To Be Confused With…

Early payout vs cash out options: the two can often be confused with one another though the benefits are not related in any way.

Early Payout is an automatic action and gets paid in full should the events of the match appear to have one clear winner and the bet wouldn’t have won any more money had it stayed in play throughout the entire event.

Cashing out is entirely at the request of the gamer should the events of a match be in the favour of the bettor. 

In line with that, early payouts hold a host of benefits for operators and bettors and here’s the cream of the crop of those benefits. 

For Operators, For Punters

For the operators, early payouts enable them to close their books and remove the availability for any more bets to be placed on that event. Given the mandate for early payouts, being that there is a clear winner, preventing any further bets means new gamers can’t place bets knowing there will be a large win at the end of the event. This would eradicate the premise of sports betting being a game of chance. 

Operators can benefit from having the betting event close without losing customers and keep returning clients happy - who are likely to reinvest in forthcoming sporting events as the early payout reduces any large revenue losses for operators and bettors alike. 

Bettors like early payouts because it’s a guaranteed insurance on their bet, given they picked the correct outcome or goal-number ahead of time. For this reason, as Altenar adds early payouts to its sportsbook software in 2022, bettors and operators are able to access a mutually beneficial system that peaks the interest of countless gamers around the world.

If you’re looking to access early payouts and add sports betting to your online business you can visit Altenar’s website today and discover why it's where stability meets flexibility. 

Speak to one of Altenar's professionals today and request a demo of their sportsbook software.

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