Altenar’s 2023 Tools That Keep Your Player Engaged | Sportsbook & You

Altenar’s 2023 Tools That Keep Your Player Engaged | Sportsbook & You

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As a global sportsbook solutions provider, Altenar understands the value of must-have tools and features that draw your players back for more iGaming fun. With this in mind, the team behind the award-winning solutions provider is always improving and designing something new for your players. 

You can find Altenar at this year’s CGS Chile expo, and discover more about the right sportsbook solution for you!

Until the expo begins, let’s take a look at some of Altenar’s sportsbook tools.

Bore Draw 

Altenar’s Bore Draw Money Back applies when someone places a bet specific to Soccer/Football. If that game or match finishes on a 0-0 result, and a players bet loses, a full refund stake is available. Additionally if a bet was placed on a Bore Draw market and the bet predicted was 0-0 this would result in a winner status bet, and the winnings are credited to the player as usual. 

For example: Manchester Utd vs Southampton. Bore Draw is offered at the Correct Score Market.

For prelive bets, if the final score is 0-0 then selections of 0-0 are settled as won and any other Correct Score selections are settled as void. Bets can be placed on the following market types: 1x2, Correct Score, Halftime/Fulltime Correct Score, Halftime/Fulltime, First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer and Anytime Goalscorer. 

The rules for Bore Draw are as follows: Place a bet before the start of the match, on the market types in the table above and, if the match ends in a 0-0 draw, your bet will be fully refunded.

The offer is valid for single, multiple, system and Bet Builder bets placed ONLY before the start of the match and not during the match. The refunds will be credited as soon as possible, once the match finishes. If, in the meantime, the player interferes with the bet in any way (for example cashout/partial cashout), the bet will no longer apply for the Bore Draw offer.

0% Margin 

The 0% margin market is considered as a stand-alone market,  which doesn’t usually participate and cannot be combined with any other offers and promotions (e.g. accumulator bonuses and early payout). It can be activated on the following new markets per sport: 

Soccer → 1x2 0%  

Basketball → winner (incl. overtime) 0%  

American Football → Winner (incl. overtime) 0% 

Tennis → Winner (incl. overtime) 0% 

Baseball → Winner (incl. extra innings) 0% 

Ice Hockey → Winner (incl. extra time and penalties) 0% 

As an operator you can create your own 0% margin with Altenar fr om the following list: 

  • The ADD EVENT tab allows you to sel ect the specific event you want to activate the 0% margin campaign for. 
  • PROMO EVENTS tab is used once the 0% events are selected in order to activate the campaign. 
  • Sport, Category and Championship filters assist the operators to spot the event they want to promote. 
  • Date range filters 
  • From the list of events that meet the search criteria , sel ect the ones that you would like to promote with the 0% margin.

To discover more on 0% margins fr om Altenar, you should contact the team today for greater detail on rules and product.

Early Payouts 

With the early payout, some selections of the match bet market are decided (and likely settled) before the final outcome of a market is actually decided.

The most classic case of an early payout is for the soccer 1x2 market wh ere many bookmakers offer a “2 Goals Ahead Early Payout”.

This means that if one team is up by two goals at any point during the game the selection of that team in the 1x2 market prelive should be settled as won.


Event: Juventus vs Inter. Early payout is offered.

Bets are placed on the 1x2 market. At some point, Juventus during the game lead 2-0.

This means that the selections of “1” in the 1x2 market should be settled as won for all prelive bets.

If the final score is 2-2, then:

  • Prelive Selections of “1” are settled as won
  • Live Selections of “1” are settled as lost
  • Selections of “X” are settled as won
  • Selections of “2” are settled as lost

The concept can work for other sport markets, like the winner market of Basketball or the winner market of American Football.

Revamped Cashout 

In order to lessen the kinds of abuse that operators might encounter through this feature fr om the player side, Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has improved its previous Cashout feature  resulting in the Revamped Cashout experience you and your players now benefit from. 

This updated algorithm ensures that it is very difficult for people to take advantage of the offer while providing some of the best operator security currently available on the market. 

Custom Boosted Odds

The purpose of the boosted odds feature is to give players a one-time benefit, deal, discount, or other incentive on a particular wager with longer chances. Many new and seasoned players enjoy boosted odds because there is less risk for the same benefit, and as a result, they are likely to become devoted patrons of your sportsbook and iGaming website. 

As your player’s perceive a lower risk associated with boosted odds features, new and experienced bettors can wager, bid, and play on your operating site, which will increase your time and success on any given sports betting market. 

Offering players the chance to investigate various betting types and events at a level they feel safe betting on. Players can implement the boosted odds offered to their preferred match(es). 

Although there are many different types of boosted odds, season-long boosted odds, everyday boosted odds, and boosted odds for special events like the Champions League final tend to be the most common.

Want to add all of these tools to your iGaming offering? Book a meeting with Altenar’s team at CGS Chile now! 

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