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Altenar Brings Partial-Cashout To The Italian Market! | Altenar’s Sportsbook & Italy

As of 2023, Altenar a sportsbook software provider will bring partial-cash out to the Italian sports betting market, only months after releasing its Cashout feature. 

This fast and adaptive growth demonstrates the core essence and operations of the sports betting software provider, which has found a home in Italy for many years. 

As a well-known provider for a growing pool of Italian iGaming operators, the release of partial-cashout will make a splash on the market space for 2023. 

Partial-cashout allows your players to retrieve some winnings while keeping a portion of their stake in the active bet; you can set which markets your players can access this feature on. 

Altenar’s Italian Account Manager, Martin Baldacchino, had the following to say on why partial-cashout is a must-have for the Italian market …

“Towards the end of 2022 we were one of the first providers to offer our customers in Italy the feature Cashout which has had considerable popularity among players and surely the new Partial Cashout will be appreciated by many of them. This guarantees a uniqueness of the product to our operators.”

You can discover more about Altenar, its technologies and solutions at the 2023 ENADA RIMINI, book a meeting today to speak with Altenar’s market professionals. 

Below is a brief overview of the benefits of partial-cashout for your players … 

  • Your player can reclaim some funds before the bet is settled: if the bet is lost.
  • You can cashout mid-event if you expect your predicted event outcome to change. 
  • Your player can only cash out a portion of their original bet.
  • If your player bets by mistake they can cancel that bet through this option.

Contact Altenar today for more information on sportsbook software solutions on the Italian market.

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