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Altenar’s Mobile Application (MOA) Is Flying High With Flutter | Solving Cross-Platform Development For Operators

Altenar’s mobile application is just one of many products the sportsbook software provider offers to operators, and it allows for deeper brand penetration, for players to bet on the go and can be used in betting landscapes where in-person betting has moved online and virtual. 

Altenar’s MOA is designed to solve two tasks: Firstly, to ensure the operation of the SB solution on a mobile device. Secondly, to integrate with the platforms of its operating partners. The MOA is native and has been approved and published in the i-store. 

The MOA has found and earned international accolades, and part of this is thanks to what the team at Altenar have developed on the Flutter UI kit. So, what have been the benefits of this development choice for Altenar’s operators? 

  • The same business logic & user experience across all platforms 
  • Increased time-to-market speed
  • Own rendering engine 
  • Simple platform-specific logic implementation 
  • Suitable for any target platform 
  • Faster code development and product production

You can discover more about Altenar’s sportsbook and mobile application by contacting the team today to start your sports betting journey right!

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