What Are The Benefits Of Machine Learning In iGaming? | Responsible Gaming & Altenar

What Are The Benefits Of Machine Learning In iGaming? | Responsible Gaming & Altenar

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With insights from Altenar’s Senior Data Analyst, Darren Willenberg, it became clear the inordinate benefits of Machine Learning within the iGaming space, and the team at Altenar are actively instituting ML practises in its sportsbook solutions

Altenar aims to ensure long term and sustainable gaming conditions for all players. One of the key objectives is to use data to protect players from high risk and unhealthy betting patterns. Altenar can provide warning notifications and apply limits to ensure their safety. 

Though, how could ML help responsible gambling as more providers and operators are taking into account safer gaming frameworks to protect their players? Let’s take a look … 

Protecting players by supporting Self-Exclusion via Machine Learning & Altenar

One point of reference is the potential benefit of self-exclusion for those who might recognise any increasingly negative behaviour around gaming online, like increased player time, or increased wagers on games. 

For instance, gambling platforms that permit individuals to self-exclude intend that the individuals might recognise that they are at risk of losing control during gambling sessions and instruct the gambling platform to deactivate or block their account for a certain period of time.

The potential of ML in this space is to use the data from those excluding themselves, for whatever measurements or parameters as mentioned above, to be able to essentially predict when a player might need to be reminded of reducing time-played or money-spent for instance. 

As, being able to identify other gamblers whose behaviour is similar to those who decided to use self-exclusion tools could, for instance, be used to share responsible gaming messages or other information that aids self-aware gambling and reduces the risk of adverse outcomes.

It’s suggested that there are two important benefits of being able to predict self-exclusion events…

Improved Player Protection


Explaining the benefits of ML in the gaming industry further, and its direct potential for producing players who only play for fun and reduces the likelihood of problem gaming, it’s prudent to note a common motivation, although not the sole motivation, for self-exclusion is the concern over one’s gambling behaviour and the potential for unhealthy levels of gambling.

Identifying individuals whose play pattern approximates those who have subsequently chosen to self-exclude, or by identifying individuals in advance of a self-exclusion, the gambling operator can choose to share information or advice with the player that may support healthy engagement with the gambling platform.

Alternatively, the operator may choose to restrict marketing activity or platform activities for that player for a certain period of time.

Creating Long-Term Revenue Flows For Operators

The benefit to operators in the potential of ML in the iGaming space, may lie in the second benefit; it’s more stable, long-term revenue flows to gambling operators, in terms of gamblers who might use their platform slightly less intensively than before, but do so with greater security and satisfaction.

You can discover more about Altenar and its technologies and solutions by contacting the sports betting software provider today! Start your sportsbook journey right!

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