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Altenar Looks At How Sports Betting Software Enhances The iGaming Space | The UK Sports Betting Market

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is taking a look at how sports betting software has enhanced the UK-based iGaming space, how its modern history has informed the culture of sports betting fanatics and overall, how the now-perceived leisure time activity of sports betting has spurred the creation and attention of tier one sports betting software providers. 

Having existed, built for and succeeded within the UK sports betting software industry, Altenar has keen insights into how this iGaming space works and how access to online sportsbook software increases entertainment value for players, increases the possibility of your players engaging in responsible gaming tools and can even boost player retention rates. 

With the UK player fond of in-person and online play, sports betting software providers can streamline a cohesive experience that tailors to the vast expanse of the ever-changing player. As a result, technologies are created to ensure player satisfaction, as is the case with Altenar’s sports betting software, which has been created for terminal, desktop and mobile use around the world.

With the use of new features and growing technologies, Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has been able to entertain and enhance the iGaming space in the UK and aims to continue this success. 

A Brief Modern History Of Sports Betting Software In The UK

The UK has a long-standing history with sports betting, that predates its most modern history and as a result, players were ready for the increased accessibility, content and offerings that online betting bought with it in the early 90s. 

Sports betting software providers, like Altenar, were prepared for this eventuality and have designed its sportsbook software with a mobile-first approach ensuring that flexibility and stability are at the core of its sports betting software.

Below are some key dates for the UK betting market, that witnessed and showcases the inordinate adaptive potential of sports betting software providers. 

As Altenar looks ahead to the future, it’s clear that the UK sports betting industry is infused with global success stories, like Altenar, which promotes the growth of technology within the iGaming space. 

Regulations Within The Sports Betting & iGaming UK Market | Altenar & You

As an ISO27001-certified sportsbook solution provider, Altenar resonates and understands the need for regulation within the gaming sphere, and how this type of regulatory requirement can bolster the entertainment value associated with the sports betting and iGaming market. 

So, what does an iGaming business need to be able to work, operate and thrive in the UK’s betting market? 

Let’s take a look… 

Legislation introduced in April 2017, the Gambling (Operating Licence and Single-Machine Permit Fees) Regulations 2017 (SI No 303, 2017), created B2B-specific “host” subcategories:

  • Casinos (game host);
  • Bingo (game host);
  • General betting (host) (real events)
  • General betting (host) (virtual events)

However, these licences are subject to various requirements, including:

  • the company must hold a gambling software operating licence; and
  • the company must not contract with players directly

The regulatory body, UKGC, allows the following games of chance: 

  • Betting (live, in-play, fixed-odds and pari-mutuel, betting exchanges and intermediaries)
  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Fantasy sports
  • Gaming machines
  • Gambling software
  • Lotteries
  • Poker

Additionally, for sports betting specifically the UKGC ask for numerous licences, some of which include: 

  • Non-remote general betting standard operating licence
  • Non-remote general betting limited operating licence
  • Remote general betting standard real events licence
  • Remote general betting standard virtual events licence
  • Remote betting host real events licence
  • Remote betting host virtual events licence
  • Remote general betting limited licence

Not only this but numerous efforts are made and required to prevent and report any instances of match-fixing: The SBIU is a unit within the Gambling Commission that traces this behaviour. As an IBIA member, Altenar is actively involved in trying to keep betting activities above board for all! 

Altenar As One Of The UK’s Sports Betting Software Providers

In light of the UK’s sports betting modern history, it’s prudent to examine how Altenar, along with those who entered the iGaming space early, have managed to prosper in an always-growing and competitive landscape. 

UK operators and players can benefit from several data providers, reduced latency, increasingly available content, 24/7 customer support, and sportsbook software that is designed with niche markets and players in mind. Not only this but a host of betting markets, features, odds and more! You can discover Altenar’s full offering by contacting the award-winning team today! 

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