Getting to Know The German Sports Betting Market & Sports Betting Software | Altenar

Getting to Know The German Sports Betting Market & Sports Betting Software | Altenar

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The German sports betting market demonstrates the historic prevalence and admiration for the act of betting and the industry at large. 

With a growing global demand for sports betting software and sports betting software providers, it’s no wonder that operators and players are looking for a provider who knows their sportsbook software, global territories, but most importantly, understand niche aspects of individual markets and landscapes. 

Altenar, a sports betting software provider, is taking a look at Germany's long-standing history with sports betting and the more modern presence of sports betting software. 

As a nation of football enthusiasts, sports lovers and betting fanatics, Germany’s centuries-long love for betting spans as far back as the 18th century. 

Let’s take a look at how this entrenched form of entertainment greatly informs sports betting software today! 

A Brief Modern History Of Sports Betting & Sports Betting Software In Germany

         ⬇                                ⬇                                    ⬇                                 ⬇                                  ⬇                              ⬇                                 

The Romans              Middle Ages                     1720/1810                       1995                        2008                              2021 

Dice Excavation           Hazard and Timble-rig             1st/2nd Casino                  Modern Betting              Interstate Treaty              The ISTG 2021 

With a longstanding history for sports betting the need for sports betting software providers soars to new heights. 

Altenar, a sports betting software provider, can adapt its sports betting software to niche markets and abide by potentially new and changing regulations as government and regulatory boards see fit. 

What Regulatory Requirements Exist Within Germany's Sports Betting & iGaming Market?

After instituting its ‘Interstate Treaty’ the Gambling Authority of the Federal States of Germany has detailed the purposes and aims of its regulation as well as how best to enter and operate within the country’s iGaming space that will potentially propel, from 2021 onwards, a regulated, responsible and safe gaming landscape. 

The regulatory approach in Germany aims to prevent gambling addiction, ensure the protection of minors and players, ensure fairness, channel players to licensed offerings to combat the black market and crimes related to gambling, and ensure the integrity of sport.

Under the ITG 2021, it will be legal to offer bets on events during a sports event other than the outcome of the event or parts of the event. The term sports betting now includes any bet at fixed odds on the following:

  • future event during a sports event
  • the outcome of a sports event 
  • the outcome of parts of a sports event.

The term "sports event" has also been further defined: It is now described as a sportive contest between people according to defined rules. This definition extends the area of application significantly to also cover e-sport types.

Admissible types of bets:

According to the ITG 2021, single and combination bets as well as event and result bets will be admissible. Licensed operators may only offer types of bets for which they have applied and of which were approved by the competent authority. 

Only a limited number of bet types may be offered during a sporting event (live bets). Bets may only be offered on the following:  

  • The final result
  •  The next goal  
  • The next set or a similar component of a final result in sports

Inadmissible types of bets:

In principle betting on sports events involving minors and amateur sports is prohibited, except for major national or international events. Sports betting which is susceptible to manipulation or which endangers the integrity of the sporting competition is also not permissible. This applies in particular to bets on the occurrence of irregular conduct (e.g. a foul) or the sanctioning of such conduct (e.g. a red card), as individual athletes could influence the occurrence of such an event.

So, how has Altenar, a sports betting software provider, taken its product to Germany and how can you, an operator, harness a successful service and sports betting software such as the solutions designed and developed by Altenar? 

Altenar, Sports Betting Software & Germany: A Solution For Success  

With Germany’s betting landscape divided into states of operation, operators looking to harness Altenar’s sports betting software should discover which region they’d like to operate within, and then, speak with Altenar’s passionate and award-winning professionals to begin the sports betting journey! 

Altenar, a sports betting software provider, has ample experience and expertise in a host of unique markets, you can discover more about this tier-on sports betting software provider by visiting

Here is a brief insight into what Altenar, a sports betting software provider, can offer your sports betting business in Germany:

  • Leading content provider
  • Multi-tenancy platform 
  • Premium Cricket 
  • Player specials 
  • 0% margin 
  • Early payout 
  • Trading
  • Risk management
  • Live betting feed
  • Pre-match feed
  • Virtual games feed
  • 24/7  business support

Contact Altenar the sports betting software team today! 


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