Approaching & Implementing Tools, Practices, Regulations & Licences To Address Betting Corruption | Altenar & IBIA

Approaching & Implementing Tools, Practices, Regulations & Licences To Address Betting Corruption | Altenar & IBIA

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Altenar has recently become a member of the IBIA (The International Betting Integrity Association) which ‘is the leading global voice on integrity for the licensed betting industry.’ Whose ‘Monitoring & Alert Platform is a highly effective anti-corruption tool designed to detect and report suspicious betting activity using detailed consumer data.’  

As a sports betting software provider, Altenar understands the value of protecting players, operators and overall, upholding the integrity of the industry where the essence of betting-as-a-game-of-chance remains intact and respected. 

Being well-versed thought leaders within the betting space, from global partners to upholding international regulatory standards, Altenar values the three core processes and premises of the IBIA and believes they can add, to the collective, invaluable assistance in aiding the reduction of corruption throughout worldwide betting landscapes. 

  • Research & Education 
  • The advocation of informed policies
  • Safeguarding betting integrity 

Altenar’s Technical Compliance Manager, Marina Zacharopoulou, had the following to say on this achievement: 

In  the field of  sports betting we are obliged to respect principles; accountability, transparency & fairness. With our involvement  in the sports integrity association we are able to strengthen public trust in the field of sports in general and be involved in anti-corruption processes. Altenar respects the axes of fair play and of the protection of the end users in general. We serve the world of sports & our commitment is to raise the standards of good governance.


The IBIA (formerly ESSA) demands its members apply themselves to data standards, undergo enhanced due diligence processes and adhere to any and all codes of conduct. Altenar is committed to its membership and elated at its achievement in being a part of a stand-out and must-have organisation. 

Contact Altenar today to discover more about its new achievements, sportsbook solutions and how protecting players and taking action against corruption benefits operators. 

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