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Choosing A Sportsbook Provider That Knows Swedish Law 

Starting a new business is tricky enough without the intertwining web of law, legislation and regulation that surround many aspects of life, so it’s always best to find yourself a sportsbook software provider that not only knows the law but understands that following it only adds a level of joy to the betting world. 

For Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, operating in Sweden is about following and adapting to the news and the law as this often shows new regulations that are coming into order or potentialy what Altenar can prepare for ahead of time. In doing this, the companies that work with Altenar’s sports betting software can sleep easy knowing that Altenar will always complete its due diligence. This core belief, that flexibility can enable stability, has been proven through Altenar’s track record in Sweden and other sports betting regions around the world. 

For Sweden adaptability is key, not to mention having impeccable style. Altenar, the sportsbook software provider is not only elegant with its design, that can be adapted to fit your aesthetic, but has access to several data providers meaning your company would receive access to undeniable and provable statistics of live games. The aforementioned is key when battling processing times and time-zone differences. Altenar even allows the use of widgets so more bets can be placed, in a shorter space of time if this is a requirement of your customers. Though, what from this sportsbook software has been adapted for the Swedish market?

What Has Altenar’s Sportsbook Software Adapted To While Operating In Sweden? 

In recent years Sweden implemented a ‘top 4 division’ rule for sports betting on football (soccer), which meant that only teams involved in these divisions could be bet on as numerous betting companies had experienced unfortunate events for lower division games and the customers betting on these.

This scenario drove Altenar to adapt its software and approach to the Swedish market to adhere to local law and this is a tremendous achievement, and no small feat of success, as adhering to changing laws can be tricky … however, Altenar’s adaptable core shone through and persevered. 

Altenar, the sports betting software provider has access to several data providers and a 24/7 client support line, for the diverse time zones the sportsbook software provider operates within. Altenar also offers differing skins to blend the sportsbook seamlessly with your chosen aesthetic. Success is flexible and also, repeatable with practise as demonstrated by Altenar’s long life on the sportsbook software market.

Altenar is largely interested in Sweden’s sports betting market and as a result is currently supporting four operators with its sportsbook solution. Sweden is considered one of the best markets in Europe with many classic operators to compete with. However, the quality of Altenar’s sportsbook means that operators have nothing to fear in comparison to the great names in the market, as Altenars product is able to compete.

Points To Consider When Looking To Add Sportsbook Software To Your Online Gambling Website 

1. Localised knowledge  - this will ensure the sportsbook software provider can offer the best service possible. 

2. A flexible front-end layer  - this will help you cater to various markets seamlessly.

3. The sportsbook software is adaptable.

4. Be aware of betting news.

Sweden is a beautiful country with ample opportunity for the sports betting arena, and for that reason, Altenar is the successful and progress-driven sportsbook software provider of choice, with a sleek and elegant feel as an added bonus. Stability meets flexibility with Altenar, and you could be riding the waves of forward-thinking and adaptable technology by visiting altenar.com to speak with industry professionals today. With Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, you’re in the best hands.

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