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How To Choose A Sportsbook Software Provider In Romania

You might know Romania for the famously gothic province of Transylvania where Bram Stoker set his globally known text ‘Dracula’ … Or, you could know Romania for its flourishing and booming online gambling market that is quickly adopting the use of sportsbook software and this is where the likes of Altenar, a sports betting software provider, shine as bright the high-day sun. National gambling in the region can date back to 1906 when ‘Loteria Romana’ a form of national lottery erupted into the country with great popularity and this became a catalyst for later forms of online gambling and the accepted shift from in-land to online. Sports betting became a firm favourite of the region, as early as 2003, even garnering investment from the government at the time, in later years operators need to gain a government-issued license to open an online gambling business in Romania and Altenar is not only prepared to attain this with you but to help you to stand out on the market as well. Though, within a market where success is rewarded and sort-after by operators and betters alike, what can Altenar offer to you? 

Let’s take a look.

A Sportsbook Software Provider’s Genius In The Romanian Market

Altenar can offer you 24/7 trade and risk management support in a range of languages through a plethora of time zones to ensure that your sportsbook is running smoothly, legally and with little to no issues. This means the software can track bettors through the manual-aspect backend to see if any professionals are trying to bet on your site or if there’s anything untoward that you’d like to remove from your platform. Not only this but the sportsbook software provider offers its partners access to several different data providers to lower the likelihood of bettors surfing to competitor sites for the ‘best odds’, and this is relatively unheard of in the sports betting world and is one key reason that Altenar has become firm favourites around the world. Altenar’s software is adaptable and bespoke to your needs and wants, whether that’s a sleek aesthetic or a comic book heavy skin, Altenar knows that the sportsbook needs to fit seamlessly with the rest of your online gambling site. Widgets can be used for bettors that enjoy betting on the go, giving the same thrill without the need for increased time spent on the site. Being able to choose the sports content on your customisable sportsbook will ensure that you’re only displaying the games, sports and events that will be bet on. Contact Altenar’s passionate professionals today for an inside look at what the sportsbook software provider can do for you and your business. 

Altenar is a licensed provider in Romania and currently supports a small operator with plans for future growth. 

Points To Consider When Looking To Add Sportsbook Software To Your Online Gambling Website 

1. Localised knowledge  - this will ensure the sportsbook software provider can offer the best service possible. 

2. A flexible front-end layer  - this will help you cater to various markets seamlessly.

3. The sportsbook software is adaptable

4. Has experience in the Romanian market

5. Abides by local law

Altenar is where stability meets flexibility and the sportsbook software provider can help you achieve repeatable success.

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