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How To Choose The Right Sportsbook Software Provider In Brazil?

You might have thought that choosing a sportsbook software provider for the Brazilian market is not only difficult but pointless as land-based betting is entirely banned … however, online gambling has seen a resurgence and profitable outcome for the region which is where Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, could help you expand your growing business.

Altenar has worked within the online gambling market for some time and a portion of this has been dedicated to Brazil, 3 years to be exact. Amongst many other regions, Altenar has strived for and achieved excellence within Brazil through KTO, one of the largest i-betting companies on the Brazilian market today.

As the company exists in a competitive market it’s no wonder that by adding Altenar’s sportsbook software the company has experienced such success.

Altenar has also become a welcomed addition for Salsa Technologies as they adopted Altenar’s sportsbook software early on in Altenar’s time in Brazil. Salsa Technologies offer iGaming solutions throughout LatAm and discovered that Altenar was the only sportsbook provider for the vast region.
Though, what exactly has Altenar offered the likes of Salsa Technologies and KTO?

 Let’s take a look … 

What Does The Sportsbook Software Provider Offer The Brazilian Market? 

Altenar, the sports betting software provider, offers the Brazilian market an opportunity to grow an online gambling market by adding sports content, trading and risk management, synthetic gaming, so the market isn’t reliant on seasonal sporting events, and Altenar offers an easy to use front-end and back-end so that you can manually add or change whatever you’d like.

The sportsbook software provider also offers 24/7 support and customer service which allows Altenar to offer high-end services to each business partner … this is one of the reasons the sports betting software provider is one of the most well-known and highly-spoken of around the world.

Altenar has access to several data providers which is unique to the sports betting software provider and Altenar’s access to this kind of data can ensure truer results in real-time, and the ability to reduce risk in terms of professional betters or ‘rigging games’.

It doesn’t end here, in fact, Altenar can design their software to adhere to your aesthetic which will allow Altenar’s technology to blend with your overall style and feel. Altenar’s use of language adaption is also helpful as this means the software can be used all around the world should you wish to expand into other regions as well.

Altenar has become a stand-out sportsbook software provider in Brazil because Altenar is where stability and flexibility meet. 

Altenar has been in Brazil, for 12 years and was the first to market in those early days of iGaming… Over the years, Altenar has seen the market grow in size, though, over the last 18 months tremendous growth was witnessed and Altenar predicts that with Brazil being well-positioned and with interesting players existing on the market, that more operators will be drawn to this country in the future.

Points To Consider When Looking To Add Sportsbook Software To Your Online Gambling Website 

1. Localised knowledge  - this will ensure the sportsbook software provider can offer the best service possible. 

2. A flexible front-end layer  -this will help you cater to various markets seamlessly.

3. The sportsbook software is adaptable.

4. Adherence to tradition. 

Contact Altenar today to learn how they can help you attain personalised success within Brazil, a country that has triumphed in the sports betting world thanks to the sleek and proficient Altenar.

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