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Will The NBA Zig-Zag Betting Theory Traverse Global Markets & Sports? | Altenar

As North American sports grows its global fan base, it seems only natural that the betting behaviour surrounding leagues like the NBA would grow as well. 


For a nation of sports lovers and the increasing popularity of sports betting, Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is aware that getting to know your players in any market is not only highly valuable but can inform betting content choices to make success simpler for operators. 


The Zig-Zag betting theory suggests that whichever team loses a game, the bettor should then bet on them in the next most-recent game. Where the idea is that the team will ‘bounce back’ after a loss. 


The use of the Zig-Zag theory would suggest that if players are beginning to bet placed on stats and the assumption of predictable outcomes, they will begin betting more as a result of the analytical revolution; where players invest in their knowledge of events, games and leagues based on a host of stats and data. 


Not only this but the Zig-Zag theory could be applied to Football/Soccer betting which is one of the preferred sports globally, as the theory applies to at-home and away game wins and losses as well.

American-Made With Global Betting In Mind 

It appears that the Zig-Zag betting theory could be here to stay, and one that is adopted by players around the world, as it offers excitement, and the chance for bettors to better their skills. 


You can discover more about bettor behaviour by visiting Altenar's blog and to add a sportsbook to your current offering contact the team behind the award-winning sportsbook today!

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