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Altenar's Technology On The Italian Betting Market | Tailored For Use, Safety & Entertainment

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is well-known for its sportsbook technology and has seen rapid growth over the past few years, and part of this is the lessons learned and technologies built to better serve the Italian sports betting market. 

Altenars product has a high-degree of customisation through API-based services, with high-availability and scale-out across the technical stack, with low-latency, efficient end-user experiences delivered through intelligent internal caching and geographical data distribution.

With flexibility in hosting to meet jurisdictional requirements and popular events, as well as, highly agile development and deployment, Altenars sportsbook and related products are designed with reliability and flexibility in mind.

As a globally recognised provider, Altenar has developed a truly dynamic and flexible approach to software development, data engineering and more, in the iGaming market today, but what is it about this award-winning provider that makes it the perfect choice for Italian operators? 

Let’s take a look … 

Open-Source Software To Boost Agility & Integration Systems With Regulators

Altenar has designed a tailor-made system for operators on the Italian market that covers the full flow of work with events creation, passing through bets - creation / closing and payment, to ensure that the operator is documenting/recording everything the regulator requires to run a sportsbook. 

The in-house software built to serve the Italian regulator ADM is an integrated system that allows for information to be shared on the following requirements: events registration, bet registration, result registration and win registration. As well as implementing any operations for the correct work with the regulator. This requires a high level of knowledge about the Italian regulated market as well, and Altenar team is always working in parallel with the regulator in order to assure to the operators the best software for their sportsbook.

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