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Do Trends Matter In Sports Betting? The Bettor Love For Historical Data | Altenar

Trends, for sports bettors, are a common source of information when they’re deciding who to place their bet on, especially, since trends are prevalent with new bettors or players who dip in and out of the sports betting world. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is looking into how historical data informs trends and why having this information available enables your players to feel well-informed and on some level, skilful when betting, which is an underpinning fulfilment that promotes higher retention rates for operators. 

Offering risk management systems and promoting safer gaming practices, Altenar, a sportsbook software provider understands the importance of keeping bettors informed so they can make informed decisions on betting. Even if trends offer common sources of information your players should always practise safe gaming. 

Trends offer a brief and digestible breakdown of how two teams perform and it's in this comparison the bettor will assume patterns of success and bet accordingly. Meaning that with a bolstered sense of confidence players rely heavily on trends, and therefore play a role in the world of sports betting. 

Trends and historical data are part and parcel of making a player feel confident, valued and successful when betting, and as a result, the player is likely to place more bets consistently. 

You can discover more about player psychology, state-of-the-art content and innovative technologies by exploring Altenar's website, or by contacting the award-winning team today to begin your sportsbook journey!

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