A Look At Altenar’s Revitalised Sports Betting Snapshot News 2

A Look At Altenar’s Revitalised Sports Betting Snapshot News

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In a world as fast-paced as the sports betting industry it can be difficult to take a moment for yourself, whether that’s the commute to your office or the 15 minute coffee break you’ve been able to squeeze into your day.

Either way, you’ve likely heard of Altenar, the sports betting software provider, who often create videos of its industry experts discussing topical information and know-how in its brilliant coffee break series. 

Though, it seemed that there was a more succinct, straight-to-the-point version of Altenar’s coffee break series and that was a creation of a weekly newsletter: The Espresso Break. 

This small shot of exciting weekly news will bring you the information about the industry, topical information fr om Altenar’s experts and an up-to-date look at what tech advancements and developments are being made in the field. Not to mention, the ability to catch-up on weekly publications that will provoke thought and offer invaluable insights to the industry you love. 

Creating a newsletter for the sports betting industry means that clientele can easily access the information they’d like to know, with a few fun-to-read pieces thrown into the mix. From discussions on philosophical aspects of technology like the teach-age questions of human vs machine or which new aspects of Altenar’s software are available to customers and how these have been upgraded recently. 

So, if you’re looking to read the latest industry tech news, expert opinions, valued questions and thought-provoking pieces then The Espresso Break newsletter is for you. 

You can keep an eye out for the weekly publication via social media, with the soon-to-be-recognised notion ‘get your weekly shot of sports betting news with Altenar’s all-you-need-to-know newsletter’, or you can find the increasingly popular publication via Altenar’s website. 

The Espresso Break: Sports Betting In A Minute

The newsletter aims to create a cohesive flow of industry information, news and expert opinion for those in the sports betting industry that only have a few moments here and there to consume the all-important industry know-how. 

Discover more today about Altenar’s The Espresso Break by finding the first publication on Altenar’s website and learn what Hugo Llanos, Americas Regional Director, had to say at a LatAm industry roundtable. Discover Altenar’s record-breaking financial year results and find the experts' opinions on whether the Netherlands will see an iGaming expansion in the future. 

It’s topics, like ones mentioned above, are driving industry professionals, seasoned and new, to The Espresso Break, and you could be privy to the same knowledge, opinion and thought-provoking pieces as everyone else. 

Don’t hesitate to check out Altenar’s revitalised coffee break, as the new ‘The Espresso Break’ for all your sports betting industry insights and Altenar’s expert opinion and company stats and data. 

Altenar is wh ere stability meets flexibility and you’ll discover more on that mantra by visiting The Espresso Break newsletter. 

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