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The Colombian Sports Betting Market Sees A 99% Year-On-Year Increase

Expecting to see continued growth amidst an iGaming new wave, professionals and industry experts like the sportsbook software provider, Altenar, are preparing for the year ahead and what that can mean for the Colombian online gambling market. 

After a host of expos, most notably GAT, experts believe that the statistics and data reported by Coljuegos, has predicted that the 2021 income of 5.3 billion USD is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years and this has been spurred on by a greater adoption of Esports within the industry. 

A movement of ‘economic reactivation’ as coined by Coljuegos President, César Augusto Valencia Galiano, is present for the Colombian market and global market as well. This reactivation is being propelled and spear-headed by the likes of Altenar who are increasingly flexible to change. 

The sportsbook software provider, Altenar, created a report that details the revenue predictions for the country and this can be accessed by visiting Altenar’s website today and speaking with one of their sports betting experts. 

Though, what else has been the root cause of such exponential growth, given the decline of sports betting in recent years as a direct result of the pandemic? 

Let’s take a look … 

A Snippet Of Altenar’s Report

Altenar holds a host of individual industry reports that shed incredible light on the stats and figures operators should know about their territories. Highlighting how much the market has grown and what it’s predicted to reach in the coming years, as well as, which device types offer the best revenue intake and are growing in popularity. 

Needless to say, Altenar’s reports hold a plethora of interesting information for operators on what a market can achieve for their business. 

For instance, Colombia has seen considerable growth in terms of sports betting and the below graph drawn from Altenar’s Latin America report, pulls attention to the inordinate growth of the Colombian market and what the revenue is predicted to reach in coming years. 

With a predicted revenue of 5.8 billion USD as of 2027 the Colombian sports betting industry is on the rise and is quickly taking over other verticals like Casino and Poker. 


As demonstrated by the graph below sportsbook is the highest market share holder by type and this, in part, is thanks to Altenar’s sports betting software that has been operating within Colombia for some years. 

What Does Altenar Offer For Clients Like You?

The sportsbook software provider offers a host of exciting, stable and flexible features for clients… Whether that’s a customisable front layer, manual-aspect back end or access to several data providers, Altenar has the software capabilities you’ll need to operate successfully. 

Not only this but Altenar operates a risk management system to build all-important reports and keep your sportsbook running smoothly from tracking bets placed to bettors … making your system run smoothly is of the utmost importance for Altenar and the professionals behind the memorable blue light of the sportsbook provider. 

Visit Altenar’s website for more information on the Colombian market and what they can do for you and your business. 

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