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Altenar's Sportsbook Software Experts Explain The Niche Market Of LatAm

Operating within LatAm is a remarkably unique environment because it’s experiencing exponential economic development and regulatory overhaul that has created a market that allows operators, providers and bettors to flourish within it. 

For instance, Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, has operated within the LatAm market for some time and has curated, nurtured and developed relationships, technologies and solutions that best fit the ever-changing face of sports betting in the Latin American market.  

For this reason, the niche of the LatAm market, as it could be argued, is at its point of explosive expansion, which is drawing clientele to the market from around the world.

Altenar’s experts believe that thanks to aspects like internet penetration and population size, the sports betting and iGaming market will find its mainstream footing in LatAm sooner rather than later. 

One aspect that is rather unique to LatAm’s market is that the sports betting vertical outperforms every other vertical in that area, and by a large amount in terms of revenue and popularity. 

Though, there is more to LatAm than meets the eye … 

It’s A Kick-A-Bout World

Football/soccer is one of the most highly successful games in Latin America, both in terms of the physical game and betting on the sport.  

This is where LatAm’s niche market really shines, as what an operator must do to attain the bettor's attention and return custom is to create a truly custom and localised football based product. The kind of software and offering that Altenar have become experts in over the years.

Altenar’s customisable front-layer and manual-aspect backend allows operators to pick the games, leagues and matches most prevalent to each of the countries inside LatAm. Though the overall market and love for football/soccer is astonishing, it can be uniquely tailored to the taste of a specific country which is often equally as niche as LatAm. 

Having access to several data providers, Altenar’s sportsbook is able to offer bettors the best stats and figures at any given time which reduces and almost eliminates the need for bettors to site-surf. 

Product Innovation For LatAm

‘One of Altenar’s key aspects is that our software is where stability meets flexibility and this really helps operators when the scope of a market can change like the direction of the wind.’ 

For this reason, Altenar’s software can adapt to the needs of a market, the needs of the customer and the on-going shift in trends and popularity. 

This is the innovative aspect of Altenar’s sports betting software, that it allows operators to add, change and remove content all while keeping the customer happy and returning to the site. 

Altenar’s expertise in LatAm is second to none and for that reason you can learn more about what Altenar can do for you and your business by visiting their website and having a chat with one of their professionals. 

Request a demo and see why the stability and flexibility mantra-driven sports betting provider has become a popular fixture on the Latin American sportsbook market. 

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