Staying On-Side: Altenar’s Sports Betting Professionals Look At The Rise And Fall Of Professional Bettors Post-Pandemic

Staying On-Side: Altenar’s Sports Betting Professionals Look At The Rise And Fall Of Professional Bettors Post-Pandemic

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Professional betting, rigging, and match fixing is the act of players, officials and bettors who accept bribes or other inducements to change the normal, or natural, course of a football match or know ways to interrupt the natural flow of betting … More often than not, match fixing is done on behalf of criminals who seek to fix games in order to make money via sports betting. 

Match-fixing can have huge and somewhat unforeseen consequences that go far-beyond a slap on the wrist and a season long suspension. Fixing football matches can eliminate long forged careers, reputations and create a snowball-effect for those involved and the industry of sports and sports betting that have otherwise created a mutually beneficial relationship. 

So, with the rise of the internet and greater global access to the world wide web, many new issues, security measures and risk assessment tools have been put into place by the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, to reduce the likelihood of professional bettors, match-fixers and those in it for large, illegal windfalls to be able to profit without the core essence of chance being at play. 

These innovative steps forward have been spoken on by Altenar’s professionals at global expos and panels, where the topic of internet safety, precaution and risk management has taken centre stage. This has been a direct response to the eruption of an internet scam-culture as a bi-product of the pandemic from misleading Amazon emails that depict your parcel has been miss-delivered to organisations fixing matches and betting systems to their advantage. 

Though, this new challenge has presented countless opportunities for companies like Altenar to delve into the world of innovation to create a safer space for its operators and customers to exist in the sports betting industry, which has been targeted during and post the pandemic. 

What can Altenar’s sports betting softwareoffer to an industry that has witnessed an increase in professional bettors, match-fixers and scammers? 

Let’s take a look … 

It’s More Than A Game

Altenar’s sportsbook hosts a risk management service that allows operators, through a manual-aspect backend, to track, trace and report bettors in real time, to ensure that nothing untoward is happening. 

Being able to create reports on individual bettors means there is a traceable history of how much money is bet, on what content, and how often this bettor receives large payouts. This logging of pattern can determine how often a payout has been at the mercy of chance, or rather, a product of deliberate manipulation. 

Once a verdict has been reached, Altenar’s software allows operators to place bettors in a freeze, or hold, to prevent them from placing any further wagers should that be the required solution. 

Altenar’s risk management services could prevent operators from losing large sums of money and further protect bettors and operators alike by reducing the number of professional bettors within the community. 

In creating a fair system, Altenar’s current clients and their customers are extremely happy with Altenar’s risk management service, and for that reason, you should visit Altenar's website today for more information on its sportsbook and what it can do for you. 

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