Sports Betting Mobile App / Site or both? What Should You Choose?| Altenar

Sports Betting Mobile App / Site or both? What Should You Choose?| Altenar

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Knowing whether to build a sports betting mobile app or a sports betting site or maybe both can be a difficult decision to make because you’re having to assess the preferred methods your players are taking when it comes to how they best like to bet. Whether that’s on-the-move, fr om home in their favourite chair that looks over that plant they’ve nurtured for some time, or whether your players need access to both depending on if they’re stuck on the journey to work or need to check a bet but only have access to a desktop computer. 

The way players consume iGaming entertainment is always changing, especially as the market space is witnessing such growth and the penetration of next-generation players is bringing with the different market demands. 

This is wh ere choosing the correct platforms to offer your iGaming entertainment will not only come in handy but bolster revenue turnovers, increase player retention rates and further the time you can spend on a market that above all else offers evergreen iterations of entertainment. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, would like to help you come to a profitable solution, no matter where you are in the world, Altenars regulated product is a mobile-first sportsbook solution that can be taken fr om the small screen to the large screen depending on what you and your operating market call for. 

Though there are steps before attaining this, and that’s how to make the decisions of wh ere to start your business: mobile, website or both. 

Altenar has compiled an easy-to-read guide to help make an all-important decision that will impact your business, your retention rates and overall, how a player interacts with your brand. 

Let’s take a closer look at points to consider… 

Are Mobile Betting Sites Better Than Mobile Betting Apps

There are a host of reasons why some players prefer to use betting sites as opposed to betting apps and this might purely come down to taste, however, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider offering a betting website as an alternative to your mobile app.

1.Players can access a betting site freely and on any operating system or browser

Unlike mobile betting apps, betting websites offer the ability to allow greater access to your iGaming entertainment offering for players, as it doesn’t require a specific operating system, Android or IOS, to be successful. Without the worry about system compatibility, bettors are likely to prefer the option of having a betting website to access which removes the need to carry around an additional app. 

It’s also probable that with website usage instead of app usage, instances of safer gaming can be implemented such as cool-off periods, allowing your players to have some much-needed downtime fr om betting.

2. Betting websites can offer the same sportsbook markets as desktop sites

As Altenar is a mobile-first application the team behind the sportsbook provider understands the need to bring high-quality content to the smaller screen, allowing players/bettors the ability to access top-tier content without having to compromise on the betting experience. 

Understanding that your content is of the utmost importance could bolster your business's success, and Altenar is well equipped to not only help you make a decision between sports betting mobile app or sports betting website but to bring that solution to life.

3. Betting sites are more convenient for players 

With betting websites, players often prefer this type of interaction with their favourite content and operator because they are sometimes able to customise their experience more than they would be able to on a mobile betting app. 

For instance, a player could choose to have their preferred games\events and markets displayed to them to avoid unnecessary scrolling through content they are less likely to place a bet on. 

Are Mobile Betting Apps Better Than Mobile Betting Websites

As with most things, there are also benefits to the flipside, especially as more and more gamers want to take their favourite entertainment on the road with them, with greater ease of access and potentially different adaptations to their favourite operating sites. 

So, what are some of the standout features that could sway an operator to offer a sports betting app experience as opposed to a sports betting website offering, let’s take a look… 

1.Instant feedback

Mobile sports betting apps offer an operator a unique experience, wh ere they can directly witness the effects of their mobile solution fr om player reviews centred around the app. This, in some sense, acts as a bug-bounty process wh ere you are then able to tailor the in-app experience to your players. 

2. Enhanced live betting experiences for players

Many players often prefer to bet in-play as opposed to pre-match as players tend to feel this heightens the betting and event experience, which enables them to better predict outcomes. 

As a result, a mobile betting app will bolster this experience for players and as more bettors take a liking and preference to in-play betting, mobile sports betting apps could be the next frontier for operators like yourself. 

3. Different payment methods for sports betting

Choosing the correct payment method could be the deciding factor on whether or not a bettor will choose to download and use your sports betting app. 

This can span fr om your app accepting debit card payments, cryptocurrency and more, but is valuable to decide because it offers your players different ways to interact with their favourite iGaming content depending on their circumstances.

You can find a detailed guide on payment methods in sports betting on 

The Benefits of Having A Sports Betting App and Website

1. Increased flexibility and scalability

With access to both app and website-based sports betting solutions and experiences, an operator's flexibility and scalability can be easily achieved and implemented as the use of these dual, or symbiotic, technologies offer easy-to-implement capacity growth. 

This reduces any downtime on your site or eliminates the need for downtime during these moments of growth without affecting the entire operating system of your app and website. 

2. Work across numerous operating systems

Offering a uniform betting experience for your players by having both app and website-based betting solutions available can increase your visibility and market penetration. 

Supporting further increases in accessibility and how players don’t need to choose between one or the other to access your betting content.

3. Centralised maintenance

Having an app and website could introduce the capability to have one central point of maintenance, wh ere new feature uploads, software updates and more can be implemented from one point of reference. Reducing the amount of maintenance you will need to routinely undertake, whilst ensuring further levels of security. Much akin to SaaS applications.

Discover More About Mobile Betting Websites And Mobile Betting Apps From Altenar

Altenar takes sports betting software to new heights, and as a result, has become the prefered provider in some countries, has helped turn small businesses into market leaders, has increased profitability for operators and is industry-recognised and award-winning for the team's dedication and the sportsbook solutions flexibility and scalability core abilities. 

Contact the team behind Altenar today to begin your sportsbook journey.

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