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Speaking With Altenars Business Development Manager, Gabriela Novello, On The Rising Potential Of The Brazilian Betting Landscape

Brazil is a unique market for sports betting, and iGaming as a whole, and for this reason, expos like the CGS Brazil and Brazil Sports Betting Summit will empower the potential of the diverse betting space in Brazil. 

Altenar, a sports betting software provider, has a vast knowledge of Latin American, European and worldwide betting landscapes which makes the team qualified to expand the local market of Brazil alongside operators. 

An Interview with Altenar's Business Development Manager, Gabriela Novello, shed incredible light on the Brazilian market and demonstrates the magnitude of potential for Brazil ahead of the expos this month. 

In line with the amazing potential, the growth rate is increasing for the region, so, it’s no wonder that the much-anticipated expos are drawing a host of investors, gamers, providers and operators to its doors. 

Let’s take a look at what Gabriela had to say about the Brazilian sports betting market… 

How has Altenar’s product adapted to the betting landscape in Brazil? 

“Altenar has adapted its sportsbook solution for the Brazilian market to cover demands from traditional players to new trends and players, as sports betting is becoming increasingly popular every day in the country and a well-versed sportsbook should offer a variety of markets/sports to keep all players interested in the content, and this flexibility and scalability is built into our software from the back office to end user experiences.”  

Gabriela continued … “This, for Brazil, consists in giving the operators various tools to support them in  supplying high-quality services such as our latest releases: Lottery Bet (or how we call it in Brazil -  Bolão or Malandrinha), Margin 0%, Bore Draw, Early Payout - especially for soccer matches of which Brazilians are big lovers, and a complete Bonus tool with seven types of offers like Super Bets, Risk-free bet, Cashback and much more.”

What does the future of the Brazilian market look like to you, will we see the rise in new sports and verticals?

“Altenar hopes to expand its presence considerably in the market during the next few years thanks to considerable interest and growth of the local market. The growth and addition of new sports and verticals, in my opinion, is due to the flexibility and customisation resulting in a localised product that considers the particularities of the biggest country in South America.” 

Gabriela noted … “We are attending local conferences and listening to our partners to understand their demands. For us, it’s an attractive market with a huge potential to explore due to its size, culture of sports, and reform perspective. We are working hard to empower more and more operators in the market with the addition of forward-thinking content for the tech age as demand calls for fantasy leagues and virtual gaming.”

What excites you about the Brazilian market?

“Being able to implement diverse content and solutions to an already vastly diverse and unique country, linking to this, I see the gaming industry becoming more and more mature in Brazil, and as a result, players have become more rigorous in their choices.” 

“So, the player chooses what goes with their preferences or offers a differential. However, defining a unique profile in a country with so much diversity can be challenging and herein lies the excitement because Altenar will once again learn to adapt to the landscape.”

“In my opinion, considering elements such as region, local slang, and mostly, their struggles coming from the support channels can be a good start to reach the audience's target effectively.”

“Additionally, this diverse betting landscape will benefit from further regulation and this excites me as it produces a safer gaming environment and spurs on legal competition which promote regional growth for the industry.”

“I believe that regulating online gambling in Brazil will benefit several verticals of this industry in addition to bringing economic benefits to the country. Brazil, discussing the implementation of a local regulation as one of the first countries in South America and at a late stage compared to other European countries, has the opportunity to become more competitive by learning from the hits and misses in other markets, thinking of a law that meets cultural and local business needs avoiding the growth of the black market in the territory. “

Altenar's overall aim, Gabriela quoted, was “to be a tool to support players, operators, and suppliers to sport sustainable and safe business in the market”. 

You can arrange a meeting with Gabriela to further discuss Brazil-based opportunities and to begin your sportsbook journey today! 

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