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Employee Questionnaire Article

In this month’s Employee Questionnaire we posed three questions to Altenarians on the world of sports betting and their opinions on some pressing topics like Artificial Intelligence, Gamification and on whether betting is purely a game of chance or whether mathematical certainties exist within the space. 

Speaking with a breadth of Altenar’s global employees it became clear that these topics had invited the cream of the crop to wager-in. 

Is Sports Betting Purely A Game Of Chance Or Is It Possible To Formulate Mathematical Certainties? 

“Both.” - Chris Tsarachosi

“I think if you are very clever you can formulate.” - Megan Thomas

“Chance.” - Thomas Tasoulas

“In my opinion betting is related more with chance rather than mathematics, but you can't say it's only chance. Surely mathematical certainties are a great part of betting.” - Vasilis Betzelos

“Initially starts as a game of chance but progressively becomes a mathematical formula.”   - Stergios Delimitas

“Yes it can formulate mathematical certainties.” - Isidoros Siderakis

“Both options.” - Stefanos Pantzartzis

“It is possible to adapt your betting strategy to gain a competitive edge over a given bookmaker (s), although it is impossible to use statistical analysis to predict a correct result each time, so besides it being profitable at traits, a mathematical (absolute) certainty can never be achieved.” - Antonino Barra

“Of course, it's not just a game of chance. There are many parameters that can play a role and mathematical certainties are one of them.” - Myronas Kalogerakis

“In football you need firstly to be lucky rather than having mathematical know-how. In other sports it is possible.” - Petros Gioutsos

“Possible but illegal to be an arber.” - Manos Kouros

“Maths but in big amounts.” - Albert Urbanovich

“It’s a bit of both.” - Simos Bairlis

“It depends on the sport and the market of the sport. Ideally sports betting is a combination of chance and strategic thinking. Mathematical certainties can't be achieved where the human factor is part of the equation.” - Zois Karletsis

“It is not a game of chance. Everything is about probabilities and formulas. So if you find the formula which calculates the correct probabilities then there is a chance to find an edge at bookie's odds.”  - Panagiotis Dostis

“It's all about statistics, but you know what they say about statistics... I would not put my money on it.”- Stelios Papoutsakis

Could Artificial Intelligence Help To Predict and Assess Problem Gamers?

“Not sure.” - Chris Tsarachosi

“Yes.” - Megan Thomas

“Yes.” - Thomas Tasoulas

“We have seen several times algorithms predicting correctly outcomes based on mathematics. The language of numbers is powerful, but not always right, when it comes to betting. AI may play an important role in the industry, but for sure it won't be 100% correct all the time.” - Vasilis Betzelos

“I have the belief that both AI & BI through certain patterns and mathematical formulas will be able to predict and improve the odds.” - Stergios Delimitas

“Undoubtedly, AI key components will have a great impact on this.” - Isidoros Siderakis

“Most probably, yes.” - Stefanos Pantzartzis

“Yes, indeed. Patterns indicating problematic gamblers are well known within the industry. So if the dataset provided to the machine to develop a learning curve on preset triggers is good,  the target is definitely achievable. (Interesting read here:” - Antonino Barra

“I think yes.” - Myronas Kalogerakis

“In a high percentage, yes. But not 100%.” - Petros Gioutsos

“100%” - Manos Kouros

“Surely.” - Albert Urbanovich

“It sure could.” - Simos Bairlis

“It could help find certain betting characteristics between problem gamers, but personally I think it would do more harm than good. The term problem gamers are subject to open interpretation, and thus will be abused. Problematic gamers will always be a part of betting. It would be better to provide gamers with better user experience, more thought out betting  processes  and diverse choice of game betting.” - Zois Karletsis

“I am not sure about this. I think it can help because it says what happened in the past and predicts future similar cases.” - Panagiotis Dostis

“100%” - Stelios Papoutsakis

How Has Gamification Changed The Sports Betting Industry?

“A little.”- Chris Tsarachosi

“Increased participation.” - Megan Thomas

“A lot.” - Thomas Tasoulas

“It made betting more interesting, especially for younger users that are related to e-sports.” - Vasilis Betzelos

“It works as an alternative way to increase engagement in the sports betting industry.” - Isidoros Siderais

“Gamification has transfused a sense of compatibility.” - Stergios Delimitas

“Gamification within the sports industry has gained traction over the last decade or so. It’s used to increase customer commitment and attract new actors. Gamification frequently results in higher returns on investment, whatever these investments are, whether it’s in sports itself, cross vertical conversion tools, etc.” - Antonino Barra

“I think it has not played a major role.” - Myronas Kalogerakis

“Quite yes. It has created more capable gamers.” - Petros Gioutsos

“It is still in the beginning/ And we should build and use it in our Sportsbook.” -Albert Urbanovich 

“It has made betting more attractive and easier to the masses.” - Simos Bairlis 

“Gamification is one of the main reasons that the betting industry has improved.” - Panagiotis Dostis

“Hugely.” - Stelios Papoutsakis

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