South African Sports Betting Market Reaches All-Time High With Some Thanks Given To Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

South African Sports Betting Market Reaches All-Time High With Some Thanks Given To Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

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Having witnessed exponential growth within the region from a total revenue of 2 billion USD in 2019 from 450 million USD in 2015, the increase for the South African market's potential has risen and with it, the operators which own online betting segments within the region. 

South Africa has witnessed some of the most significant growth around the world and it stands to testament that this upward trend progressed even further through the pandemic and post-covid, much akin to the rest of the iGaming and sports betting industry. 

The power behind the market, for South Africa, is in part thanks to the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, who has given countless bettors, gamers and players access to their favourite global and regional sports content to bet on. After all, it’s all about the content for players, though, how has Altenar managed to secure a slice of the leading market for the continent, that holds an overall 90% share of the betting market? 

Indeed they have, and it comes as no surprise given the software provider’s success in other regions like Latin America and Europe. 

Though, as the market continues to grow in South Africa what can operators have access to with Altenar, the sportsbook provider? 

Let’s take a look … 

South Africa Takes The World By Storm And Altenar Spearheads Sports Betting Content

South Africa is known for enjoying a wealth of sports content and some of that centres around Rugby, Soccer, Cricket and Horse Racing, and bettors often enjoy placing wagers on US-based leagues like the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL. 

In this, the most recent feature and product releases from Altenar will stand operators in good stead within the South African market, thanks to the likes of Basketball Bet Builder. Though, it isn’t only the 2022 product releases, which can be found on Altenar’s website, that are drawing operators to Altenar’s doors, it’s the core infrastructures that have been in place at Altenar from their inception some years ago. 

The essence and provable success of a stable yet flexible sportsbook software has projected Altenar into yearly growth and for operators, great success within the B2C market. 

With an ethos that is embedded in striving for more and better, Altenar’s sportsbook software has a customisable front layer and a manual aspect back end that allows operators to build reports, track bets-placed and bettors to help reduce the risk of professional betting taking place. All the while, releasing a 2.0 version of its risk management system to further protect operators from cyber attacks and anything relatively malicious. 

If you’re looking to begin operations for sports betting in the South African market you’ll be in no-safer-hands than with Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, who offer a bespoke and unique-to-you experience and marketable product. 

Contact the professionals behind the blue-light of Altenar to arrange a meeting, to trial a demo or simply for a chat. 

Altenar is your sportsbook software provider. 

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