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20% Year-On-Year Market Increase For Sports Betting In India | Altenar

Betting has garnered recreational activity status throughout India, and as a result more and more players are looking for  and seeking-out betting platforms that offer the best odds, stats, content and overall betting experiences. 

Having one of the most dynamic marketplaces, spearheaded by India’s historical passion for Cricket, many external operators are looking to this unique marketplace that offers a wealth of investment incentives given the growing positive attitudes for online betting. 

With the ability to look at other countries who have seen tremendous economic growth and success within the iGaming industries, it could offer India’s government officials a look at what stronger regulations and more sports betting offerings could look like for the country moving forward. As sports betting doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon in the Indian market.

This is where sportsbook software providers, like Altenar, are able to demonstrate its mantra, stability meets flexibility, and showcase its state-of-the-art technology and top-notch sports content. 

Though, how and what has contributed to this 20% year-on-year growth? 

3 Reasons Why India’s Sports Betting Market Is Experiencing An Upward Trend .

In line with what the likes of Altenar, a sports betting software provider, is able to offer the Indian iGaming market, there are also 3 main reasons that India’s market place has skyrocketed into the mainstream over recent years. 

1. Mobile Phone Usage & Internet Access 

With increased access to mobiles and internet across the country, more players are able to access online betting platforms and place wagers on their favourite, global leagues and games. 

As a mobile-first software provider, Altenar understands the unique needs for a sportsbook to be robust within the iGaming market, and on a country-by-country level as well. 

For this reason, many India-based bettors could use Altenar’s sportsbook software to access top quality games, all the while, not having to compromise on data costs or loss of content due to smaller screens. Altenar’s mobile-first is able to answer the call that India’s players are making.

2. Historical Fans Of Cricket and Football 

With a strong history of Cricket and Football fanatics within the country, it’s prudent that sports betting operators, and providers, offer the Indian market what they want.

Altenar offers access to Premium Cricket and global Football leagues from premiership to local teams, to keep the player up-to-date on what they have access to and what can be bet on. 

For this reason, many countries and their iGaming operators flock to Altenar for their top-of-the-range, high-spec content and India is no exception.  

3. Access To Global Betting Sites

With India still finding its iGaming sea legs, bettors seek external sites to place wagers, though, as betting grows in popularity and becomes as much of a historical and generational pastime as the sports themselves, operators and players are looking for more global betting sites to enter India or to be accessible from the country. 

With the year-on-year growth rate at an astronomical 20%, it’s no wonder that operators are looking for the perfect-fit when it comes to sports betting software providers. 

Altenar is a tier-one sportsbook software provider and has experienced and built global success for their partnered operators and the markets the team has helped to bolster. 

Contact Altenar today to discover why it's where stability meets flexibility and how the sportsbook software provider can take your sports betting business to the next level.

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