Economic Benefits To Nigeria's Sports Betting Market | Altenar

Economic Benefits To Nigeria's Sports Betting Market | Altenar

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Many operators are looking at the Nigerian sports betting market for the opportunity to access an industry that has lots of potential, and a proven history within the field for plenty of bettors who enjoy sports betting and sports content, as well as a growing demand for mobile-first software. This is where the likes of Altenar, a sports betting software provider, can make your operations in Nigeria shine. 

Altenar offers a tier-one state-of-the-art software that holds its brilliance in its mobile-first approach to iGaming and sports betting and has a foundation of stability meets flexibility. With new features being released, a team dedicated to risk management and safer gaming, as well as, a plethora of sports content, operators that haven’t already harnessed Altenar’s software will be looking to do so in the Nigerian market. 

According to a paper titled: An Overview Of The Sports Betting Industry In Nigeria: How To Obtain A Gaming Licence; Economic Benefits, Lessons To Be Learnt, Social Impacts, & The Future, a recent investigation found that ‘60 million Nigerians are involved in active sports betting.’ The paper continued to explain that around 3,000 Naira ($15) were spent per individual on a daily basis and an annual prediction of 730 billion Naira had been spent, on average, on sports betting in a year.

It appears that these numbers continually grow as the sports betting industry does, and more sportsbook software providers, like Altenar, is applying new and improved technology, features and access points for countries that require nuanced operations for their niche market.

With a forecast mobile-subscriber rate of 182 million in 2021, according to Business Monitor International (BMI), Altenar predicts that a greater adoption and call for sportsbook operations within Nigeria will skyrocket in the coming years … especially as the return to normality, post-pandemic, increases daily. 

With sports content, sporting events, and sports betting bringing many gamers closer to one another, once again, it’s thanks to sportsbook software providers like Altenar that have witnessed and in part, created this boom in sports betting.

Though, what can a tier-one sports betting software provider offer to operators, like yourself, looking to harness that entrepreneurial spirit inside themselves? Let’s take a look… 

Altenar As A Stand Out Performer In The Nigerian Sports Betting Market

Altenar offers operators a host of amazing features that have traversed the world and seen many operators into great success. This is due to Altenar’s ‘stability meets flexibility’ software that adapts to the nuances of the market an operator’s site operates in. 

With a 24/7 support service, in a host of countries and a plethora of languages, Altenar tailors its sportsbook software experience to you, your market and your bettor with a customisable front layer and manual-aspect backend … the smooth running of your sportsbook is in the hands of the professionals with Altenar. 

You can learn more about Altenar’s globally recognised sportsbook software by visiting their website today, where you can find reports, case studies, articles and more on the sports betting market. 

Contact Altenar today to start your sportsbook journey.

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