Opening The Doors Of Opportunity At EGR Italy 2022 | Altenar

Opening The Doors Of Opportunity At EGR Italy 2022 | Altenar

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As the EGR awards ceremony is fast approaching, it’s important to look at the benefits of these events, from building new relationships and nurturing seasoned ones, as well as, boosting a business's regional credibility and opening the doors to new opportunities; for providers and operators alike. 

Deepen your industry and market knowledge at this year’s EGR awards! 

Speaking with Altenar’s Regional Director, Francesco Papallo, who will be in attendance at the upcoming award, noted that the inordinate benefit for providers and operators at events like EGR Italy is vast. 

Francesco had the following to say ahead of EGR Italy: “The event brings together the main Italian providers, operators and affiliates to explore the market developments affecting the sector, as well as the trends and opportunities for the next year and the future also in terms of local legislation. This allows us, as asportsbook provider, to be able to develop strategies in line with the market and to provide to the operators the best sportsbook solution.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Altenar and its sportsbook solutions, you can speak with Francesco at the event or book a meeting ahead of time to ensure your time with Altenar’s Italian Regional Director. 

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