How A Socially Electrifying Global Event Enthralls Sports Betting Providers & The Effect Of Internal Competitions | Altenar

How A Socially Electrifying Global Event Enthralls Sports Betting Providers & The Effect Of Internal Competitions | Altenar

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The World Cup is a universal experience, and some might argue, a universal equaliser as well. Flags of your home country blow in the wind fr om window sills, and you prepare for weeks of interaction in local haunts, pubs, bars and even house parties wh ere the drinks are plenty. Some might watch on TV, in person or participate through phone updates, word of mouth and betting. 

The buzz in the air around the World Cup is palpable, and this can be seen throughout Altenar’s office spaces, bringing together otherwise geographically distant employees to bet on their favourite countries to win!

With the opening match drawing closer, it seemed apt to discuss Altenar’s internal competition with two Altenarians close to the project, who took the time to explain the reasoning behind a competition like this and how Altenarians have taken to these events. 

What kind of interaction does this competition receive fr om Altenarians? 

“I would say there are some who very much look forward to participating in this kind of competition every year because we also have a lot of hours working in the business wh ere you're not always connected to the sport itself, though we’re very close to the betting side.”

“So, it's quite interesting for them but also a relevant experience. For instance, I participate every year and it's fun. I mean, it's nice to have something to discuss other than usual business.” 

What do you believe is the positive impact of the world cup as a whole?

“I think it's a nice, uniting event, I would say. Much like the Olympic games where you have one competition where you can see different cultures, different teams and how they play between themselves with the same ball, apparatus and the like.”

“It's nice that we have every country participating in healthy competition, within the sporting world, where everyone is there for a good time and teamwork and this, I believe, can also be seen throughout our/Altenar’s internal competition.” 

Notably, there also seemed to be a quid pro quo essence to the competition as well, where an Altenarian explained that it offered a moment for those less knowledgeable about Football to gain greater insights into the world-loved game from their colleagues. 

The spokesperson explained, “you find that there’s greater discussion around and about Sports, especially with regards to football, mostly from the guys who are happy to explain the game to us, because, we find that women on average don't know so much about Football. Interestingly, a competition built on fun can have these nuances of knowledge exchange.” 

The continual competitive nature of the internal competition means that many Altenarians are excited to keep track of who is leading in the top 5 positions on the scoreboard, for their chance to win one of three fantastic prizes.

With Altenarian's participating in this event for several years, both in the World Cup and Europa League, it’s clear that internal competitions hold inordinate value for team camaraderie, friendship and overall, fun. 

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