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Malta Positioned As Impressive IGaming Industry Leader | Altenar

The scope for iGaming and especially sports betting has found a tremendous home and market within Matla, where the Mediterranean surrounded island has an industry-forecasted market value of 94.4 billion USD as of 2024, solidifying the knowledge that Malta is a leading iGaming market and one that many operators seekout to begin operations. 

In Malta 10% of the world's iGaming companies are registered within the country and as a result, makes Malta one of the reigning capitals for the online betting industry, where roughly 13% of the Maltese economy is bolstered by the iGaming industry.

Impressively still, Malta’s yearly turnover of 2 billion USD, meant that during the pandemic there was little to no change in economical GDP additions from the industry. 

Interestingly, sports betting companies and iGaming businesses are so prevalent and successful within Malta that 50% of Malta’s bandwidth is solely dedicated to online gambling.

A part of this success can be attributed to the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, that sees the value in having operations within Malta, the least of which is having a globally recognised stage for iGaming operations. 

So, what can Altenar offer to new sports betting businesses and iGaming companies looking to add sportsbooks to their offerings? Let’s take a look … 

Made For Malta And iGaming 

Operators that choose an industry firm favourite like Altenar, have access to several data providers, risk management systems, a manual aspect backend, customisable front layer and a wealth of sports content and betting options that is growing and expanding in line with the sports betting industry. 

As industry growth continues, operators are looking to Altenar for a place to call home, and Altenar has extensive knowledge of this market and what it takes for an operator to succeed. As well as, adding to the local Maltese economy, operators in Malta benefit from the country being a well-known hallmark of the industry. 

If you’re looking for further information on what Altenar’s sportsbook software can offer to you, then contact the professionals behind Altenar today, to learn more about the industry, Altenar and why using this sportsbook solution provider is the best choice for you and your players. 

With a 24/7 support system with offices around the world and professionals speaking countless languages, the team at Altenar are not only prepared for the sports betting industry, but the needs and wants of clients. 

As Malta’s iGaming and sports betting market continues its years-long upward incline, operators are flocking to the shores of the mediterranean island for a slice of the iGaming pie and it’s proving very popular. 

Malta could be the place for your business, and Altenar is best placed to offer industry insights, and can help you from start-up to largest market-share holder … Altenar’s website has a host of case studies where you can discern the quality and potential of Altenar’s success. 

Speak with Altenar today to know why your iGaming business is made for Malta.

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