Which countries is darts betting popular in 2024?

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As darts continues its upward trajectory from a popular pub pastime to a premier betting sport, its fanbase is not only growing in traditional strongholds like the UK and the US but rapidly expanding globally. 

Previous champions like Phil Taylor or Michael van Gerwen no longer dominate the playing field in this sport. A diversity of champions has levelled the playing field and, with it, a degree of unpredictability that has heightened its appeal.

This article focuses on the countries where darts betting is particularly popular and explains why you should consider including it in your sports betting offerings in 2024.

Nine-dart finish to the most popular darts-betting countries

The UK hits the bullseye in terms of darts fandom, where the sport enjoys perennial support and extensive coverage. However, emerging interest from the US and European markets is rapidly transforming darts into a global phenomenon. 

1. United Kingdom

Darts has long been a much-loved sport in the UK, with a very lively betting scene. Home to major tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship, the UK sees extensive betting action during local events. According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, betting turnover on darts has seen a consistent increase over the past five years, indicating a solid and growing engagement among bettors.

2. United States

The United States has witnessed a surge in darts popularity too over the last decade, especially with the advent of online sports betting platforms. The American audience, fairly new to darts, is quickly embracing the fast-paced, high-stakes nature of the sport. US sportsbooks have reported a noticeable uptick in darts betting, particularly during major international tournaments, reflecting the sport’s rising profile among US bettors.

3. The Netherlands

Darts enjoys a loyal following in Holland, with Dutch players often ranking among the world's best. This has encouraged a strong local betting interest, evidenced by the growing number of darts betting options available on Dutch sports betting sites. The participation of local heroes in international circuits continues to fuel its popularity and subsequently increase betting frequency and volume.

4. Germany

Germany’s darts scene has exploded in recent years, hosting several high-profile tournaments that draw significant local and international attention. The sport’s popularity has been boosted by extensive media coverage and the emergence of German players in global competitions. Sports betting operators in Germany have reported double-digit growth in darts-related wagering activities, highlighting the sport’s mass appeal within the country.

5. Australia

Australia’s sports betting market is currently one of the most vibrant in the world, and darts is fast carving out its niche among traditional favourites like rugby and cricket. The increase in televised tournaments and local competitions has enhanced the sport's profile, with Australian betting sites now offering comprehensive markets on both domestic and international events, highlighting the growing enthusiasm for darts betting down under.

6. Belgium

Belgium is another European nation that is fast becoming a significant flight path for darts, driven by enthusiastic local participation and viewership. Like other European adopters of the sport, its popularity in Belgium is influenced by the increasing number of local tournaments and the success of Belgian players on the international stage. According to recent market analyses, Belgian bettors are increasingly engaging with darts, increasing the percentage of sports bets placed on major darts events year-on-year.

7. Sweden

Sweden is a relative newcomer to the game of darts, but interest has spiked remarkably in recent years, aligning with the broader Nordic enthusiasm for niche sport betting markets. Subsequently, Swedish sports betting platforms have expanded their darts offerings to capitalise on its rising popularity. The growth is supported by statistics from local betting sites which show a steady increase in darts betting, especially during European and World Championships. This uptick is bolstered by extensive coverage and the accessibility of international darts competitions on Swedish digital platforms, making it easier for fans to follow and bet on their favourite players.

8. Ireland

Ireland has a rich history with darts, closely mirroring the UK in its passion and widespread enthusiasm for the sport. The popularity of darts in Ireland is not just limited to viewing and participation; betting on darts is also a significant activity, especially during major tournaments like the PDC World Championship. Irish players have made significant inroads on the international stage, further boosting the sport's profile and popularity among the locals.

9. Denmark

Denmark is yet another European country that has seen a growing interest in darts in recent years, both in terms of tournament participation and viewership. The country has hosted several international darts competitions, which have helped to increase local interest and participation. Moreover, betting on darts is also becoming more significant in Denmark as the sport continues to grow, with Danish betting sites offering extensive markets for both national and international events.

Major tournaments and betting opportunities

Major darts tournaments, such as the PDC World Darts Championship and the Premier League of Darts, attract global viewership and significantly influence the betting calendar due to their high-profile status. For instance, the PDC World Darts Championship has historically seen millions tuning in, with recent finals drawing viewership numbers upwards of 4.8 million in the UK alone. This immense audience demonstrates the sport’s growing influence.

Regional tournaments like the Belgian Darts Open also contribute to the sport's diversity, offering unique betting options that appeal to both local and international markets. The variety of betting opportunities available in these tournaments includes match winner, highest checkout, most 180s, and in-play betting, which allows punters to engage with the game as the action unfolds. 

The benefits of offering darts betting options

Incorporating darts betting into a sports betting platform offers several unique features that can significantly enhance its appeal and attractiveness to users. 

Global appeal. Darts has an expanding international following in various lucrative sports betting economies within Europe, Australia, and North America.

Market diversity. Darts offers a wide range of betting markets, from match winners and handicaps to more intricate bets like the highest checkout and most 180s, etc.

High frequency of events. These days, the darts calendar is loaded with events throughout the year, providing continuous content and betting opportunities for users.

Live betting opportunities. Darts matches are well suited to offering live betting prospects, allowing punters to engage with and wager on the action as it unfolds in real time.

In-play data. Real-time data and statistics are available and can be integrated to enhance in-play betting strategies and decision making.

Short match duration. The relatively short duration of darts matches keeps users engaged and allows for quick turnover in betting cycles.

Youth engagement. The sport's rising popularity among younger audiences can help platforms attract a new generation of bettors.

Betting predictability. Unlike many team sports, the fewer variables in play can make outcomes more predictable and appealing to strategic bettors and opportunistic punters.

Event specials and promotions. Major tournaments like the World Darts Championship offer more opportunities for special promotions and enhanced odds to increase betting frequency and engagement.

Streaming and content. Platforms can integrate live streaming of matches, providing a one-stop solution for viewing and betting, which ultimately enhances user acquisition and retention.

Future outlook for darts betting

Darts betting is experiencing a rapid rise in popularity, driven by the sport's engaging, fast-paced nature and its growing adoption within sports betting platforms. In 2024, significant growth is evident in markets like the UK as well as emerging markets such as the US and Germany, where accessible online betting options are drawing in new fans. The sport's viewing figures reflect this trend, with major tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship drawing record audiences during key matches.

These trends represent lucrative opportunities for iGaming operators. Leveraging advanced streaming technologies and mobile betting enhancements will help meet the growing demand for live, in-play betting experiences, which are technologies particularly well suited to darts. Furthermore, integrating data analytics can increase user engagement through personalised betting insights and promotions. 

By staying ahead of technological advancements, platforms can attract a wider audience, boost user retention, and ultimately increase revenue streams.

Take aim and get in the game

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For individuals and organisations aiming to incorporate new sports into their existing offerings or launch a new iGaming brand, our flexible and scalable sportsbook solutions are fully equipped for rapid deployment and market entry.

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