Iterations Of Success: A Video Interview With Altenar's Director Of Technology Operations Konrad Pizzuto

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Amongst a host of new, knowledgeable and informative video content fr om the sportsbook software provider, Altenar, the companies Director of Technology Operations Konrad Pizzuto took the time out of his busy day to explain the role of software, infrastructure, Altenar’s people and sticking to the security measures and how this underpins sustainable success, scalability and flexibility. 

With the ambience of the video set with snippets of Altenar's office life interjected into Konrads interview, it became clear that work-life at Altenar was in part achievable thanks to the driven individuals who understand the value of collaborative work and how they’re one important piece of the overall Altenar puzzle. 

Though Konrad spoke fondly of his team members, it was his eloquent explanation of how infrastructures, software and monitoring certifications that uphold industry standards melded together to create the business of Altenar that we know today. 

So, what did the Director of Technology Operations have to say about Altenar's innovative growth over the years? 

Altenar A Sportsbook Solution Provider Offers Flexibility, Scalability And A Positive Outlook On Introspective Systems

While watching Altenar's new video content via its YouTube channel, the knowledge and passion that infuses Altenar's product, team and overall enthusiasm for the sports betting and iGaming industry was more than evident in the glowing output from a handful of Altenar's experts. 

Konrad touches on the challenges of running a product roadmap that is driven largely by customers whilst building it on top of a scalable, flexible system architecture that can handle a few bumps in the road. 

This appeared to be a process of evolving to achieve the new and growing goals, on this note Konrad explained, ‘Altenar has always adopted agile principles in the way it has worked and it’s always been about giving the customer what they need.’ This customer-first ethos can be witnessed through the many ways Altenar's sportsbook can be accessed from Terminal, mobile-light, desktop and more. 

Konrad spoke on Altenar's V1 sportsbook and how it ‘delivered everything that was expected of it and this what put Altenar on the map.’ As the sportsbook software provider grows in popularity and tackles new markets and challenges, it is this software and infrastructure that had to evolve as the demand did. 

Konrad explained in the video interview, ‘halfway through the lifecycle of Altenar, it became clear this architecture isn’t going to see us all the way through, so, we dedicated our resources to improving towards a V2.’ Konrad continued, ‘We thought, let’s figure out scalability and flexibility and begin building’ into the future iterations of Altenar's product. 

Continuing from this, Konrad explained that ‘infrastructure and software, as separate aspects of the same machine, isn’t enough, they both have to be together and we look at these from the same perspective of flexibility and scalability.’ 

The pride behind the work and always-evolving product is evident from Konrad's joy and smile in the video as he states, ‘we’re very proud that we’ve been able to implement each iteration without downtime on the product.’ 

Though the care for Altenar's product doesn’t stop at a software level, it can also be seen in the company's regulatory, licences and certifications, the least of which is the ISO certification that is outlined and detailed here Konrad explained, ‘the ISO are introspective in nature and wanting to achieve it means looking at your organisation with a fine-tooth comb.’ 

As Altenar looks forward to the next stages of its product, you can discover more information on the sportsbook software provider via, Altenar's YouTube channel and Altenar's social media wh ere recent updates and news is posted daily.

Contact the team behind the sportsbook provider today to discover why Altenar is the software provider for you. 


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